Now I'm beginning to get annoyed!

  • Order #210*** placed May 14th.
    July 1 -- received e-mail notification my order status changed to "In Transit"
    July 16 -- I received e-mail notification my order status changed to "Local Distribution" with estimated time to be handed off to local delivery company between July 23 and July 31.
    July 23 -- I just checked my order status to find a changed PG page and once I entered my order number and e-mail address the message I am shown says "We have received your order. It is being prepared and we will notify you when it ships. Thank you for your patience." That's the message I received back on May 14th as soon as I placed my order!
    Come on, PG! It can't be in "Local Distribution" and all of a sudden revert to "being prepared" which means my amp isn't even built yet!
    Please explain!

  • Covid 19 set them back a bit. I ordered mine back in March and just got it yesterday. Hang on it's on the way just a bit of delay.

  • @ampkat It's not the delay which is annoying -- I've expected that since I ordered it. It's the reversion from "local distribution" back to "being prepared" that's annoying. On July 16th I was told it was in "local distribution" waiting to be given a tracking number and picked up by UPS or FedEx and now when I check the status of my order it's back to "being prepared" which is what I was told the day I ordered the amp! I did submit a support ticket and "Joe" replied that my amp is scheduled to be shipped by July 31st. But he didn't say whether that means "shipped from China" (in which case it would be back to "In Transit" like it supposedly was on July 1st) or whether that means "shipped from the local distribution center." Oh well, time will tell. I realize that it's only been 10 weeks since I placed my order and that many people are still waiting for a longer time. And up until now I have not been upset by the delay -- I would hope that people who ordered before me (in my region) would receive their orders before I do. It's the drastic change in the wording of my order's status which is upsetting.

  • @dhbailey mine did that too and I get it but don't fret. When it gets ready to ship it will change to being processed. Just have to wait it. Guess I was fortunate as mine has no hum at all.

  • I ordered mine Apr 27 and received it yesterday. I know it is frustrating but it'll come soon. Maybe yours was one of the 100 sent by accident and they took it back :)

    Also, when you get it you'll want to immediately update the firmware. Some of the functions and features (like smart jam) didn't even work until I did that.

    P.S. - It's fkn awesome!!

  • I am in the same boat - I went from in transit to ordered but not shipped and the delivery date is now an additional 2-3 weeks out. Total BS! I do not know how you can trust anything that is coming out of this company. This is after the note from the CEO stating that they will do better to communicate the status. This just confirms that they have been lying to us from the start.

  • @kbbefam Ordered 3/9/20 155580 got my "shipping label" 6/30/20 still pending, still pending,..............still pending

  • @prismaddict Same, ordered 28 Mar, created the shipping label says its been passed to local carrier but hasn't been scanned by anyone...I'm sick of the carrot on a stick bullshit, if it hasn't shipped say it hasn't shipped.

  • I ordered March 14. Delay delay delay. Very annoying! Why would I do business with these people again?

  • Regarding the May order, many people including me paid for a Spark months earlier than May and haven't received it. There is no first-come-first-served as PG pledged. The amps are being shipped regionally. My Feb 11 order was supposed to arrive today in Michigan and didn't. I suspect it will show up tomorrow.
    Where you live in the world is an important factor on delivery

  • @kbbefam Shipping status can and often changes suddenly. Some report their Spark showing up on their porch while its still listed as In Transit.

  • Ordered Febuary 18th, order 145xxx. Update on the 15th as shipped and given the tracking number 2 days later. Log into fedex, shipment pending, only on record that a label was printed on july 2nd. Tried to email them to ask what if I should be concerned. No reply. I'm annoyed

  • ordered mine Feb 18th. Same message. I'm not worried about it, but it's easy to see others getting some angst.

  • @dhbailey This shipping delay thing is a total annoyance. Agreed. It has to do with the way different companies set up their fulfillment. A lot of places generate the shipping label immediately (or nearly so) which establishes a tracking number...but if the products haven't arrived at the shipping point yet, then the label sits there waiting for a box to put it on. This happens when the shipping software automatically generates/secures a tracking number as soon as your order is cleared/card processed.
    I have a video camera accessory/steady cam that the same thing happened to, except there was no manufacturing delay, just the cross-ocean shipping/customs/warehousing back up of all non-essential items, etc.
    The way PG has handled all this leaves a lot to be desired from a PR and Customer Service standpoint. And it all should have been much clearer. Even the "status" changes you are talking about are LIKELY just poorly worded statuses. It's very frustrating.
    I got my Spark yesterday though (July 23) and I'm glad I bought it. A long wait. A longer wait than I anticipated back when I was expecting a fairly long wait. But the company IS delivering. Not going to totally defend them, because I think their mis-steps were avoidable. But I also think the product is good and they aren't trying to defraud anyone.

  • and now the track order page ( no longer works.

  • @luciani It's working again now.

  • It might be "working" but it's not giving back correct info. Mine shipped yesterday according to UPS but the tracking site says it will ship from Aug 12 to Aug 20. I tend to trust what I'm seeing from UPS over that tracking site based on many others saying they got theirs when the tracking site showed it hadn't shipped. So, if you are looking for better info, create accounts with the tracking companies and monitor them instead.

  • Ordered mine Feb.16. Just arrived today(July 24).5 months later.

  • Its worth the wait. Now I don't need to use the pedals for the tone I want. I don't like browsing with my phone through the tone cloud so, I use the free bias fx app I downloaded, on my PC, to browse and search thru the cloud. then I know what to search for on my phone for Spark. Anybody know what happens when I download a tone? does it download to my phone, to spark, or just load it temporarily??

  • For those of you waiting, Mine took 6 months to be delivered almost to the day. PG just revamped their tracking site and it finally shows mine as complete. It looks as if they are getting faster now. Soon they'll end the presales and start shipping to music stores. I hate to think what the price will be then. Cheers! or should I say Twang? I'm back into early country sounds now.