Smart Jam unexpected error

  • OK loving the little thing so far, with just the little time I had today. First on my Samsung S6 Lite Tab Android 10. All amp settings work fine but when I try to create a Smart Jam I play the bars hit the checkmark it thinks a minute then gives me an "unexpected error please try again later" hmmm try again later? So loaded the app on an older Lenovo running Android 8.1 and get the same thing. I can go to the cloud even though I have nothing there. It recognizes me and I can play the backing tracks and other songs.

    Sounds to me the problem is not on my end but with connecting to the server to create the smart jams.

  • Same problem on my side with a cellphone on android 10

  • Just got mine today. Smart Jam gives only Unexpected error, try again later. Ipad air, IOS 12, microphone works, set the ipad on the amp. Several tries this is all I get. I mainly bought this for Smart Jam. What a disappointment.

  • Must be something on their end, don't know for sure how it works but it seems to go the cloud to do "stuff" and maybe it's up there.

    Anyone else seeing this?

  • OK, so I figured it out. Follow the firmware update instructions at I did that and other things started to work also, like the bluetooth speaker feature. My smart jam works now. Hope this helps.

  • It did it after I updated too but tried it again later and it created a jam track. Problem now is the few simple progressions I tried sound horrible. Using either of the two "composers". No way to pick a style or edit out mistakes that I can see. Will have to work with it more.

  • @stinger0625 There's nothing we can do about picking a different style (submit a support ticket through the Contact Support at the top of this page to request that more and more-varied drummers be added) but you can edit the SmartJam chords if you don't like what shows up. Hold your finger on an offending chord until a popup appears which says "Edit Chord" -- tap that and you're presented with a dialog featuring two spinners -- the one on the left is to change the root of the chord, and the one on the right is to change the chord extension.

  • Had a message last night the the techs figured out the problem was on their end and had fixed it, I had already tried again and had success.

  • @dhbailey Yea and the two styles don't work with anything I'd be jamming too. Surprised with all the hype about Smart Jam you only have to styles to jam to.