Inter App Audio Routing

  • Re: Spark ⚡️ 🔊 40 add on ASAP features please.

    Positive Grid has been a game changer in the industry. They have really revolutionized the process of merging and integrating analog with modern digital age. One thing I was really disappointed to learn after I ordered my Spark Amp 40 is that all previous purchases and investments in BIAS Amp, BIAS Amp 2, BIAS FX, BIAS FX 2 Software Products, there is no Inter App Audio integration.

    For those not familiar, this means, you can't use any of your Custom Amps created in BIAS Amp or Custom FX chains created in BIAS FX through the Spark Mobile Application to be played through the Spark Amp 40.

    This seems like a disservice to long standing Positive Grid Customers and makes me contemplate if I should return my order or not.