Delay won’t turn off

  • Hey gang.. just got my spark today and played around a little bit. I noticed right away (before connecting the iPad) that my delay won’t turn off.

    Anyone else have this issue?

    I turn the delay knob all the way down, still delay.
    When I open the iPad app and try to turn off delay, it just turns back on. The virtual knob will only go to about the mid way point, no lower. It seems like some issue with the knob itself maybe?

    Let me know if this sounds familiar and maybe a fix?

    Tried updating the firmware. Might try a factory reset next.

    Really don’t want to send it back for repairs when I just got it after waiting a while.

  • Same issue at my end.

  • @dirtymedium I have the same issue as well. Got mine about a week ago and definitely do not want delay on acoustic sounds. I saw a post about turning monitoring off on your interface device but I am going directly from my guitar in so no interface. I would like to solve this. It is the only issue I have with this otherwise stellar device.


  • I have the same problem. The only solution I have found is to connect the iPad, then open the preset that you are using by clicking on the amp picture. Then you click on the delay pedal, Finally, click the switch to turn it off. When you do, the pedal at the top in the signal chain will get darker showing it is off. Then SAVE it. If you don't save it, it seems to go back to normal. I did that and it solved the delay problems.