How to sync presets between standalone and VST

  • I've started with BIAS FX from standalone application for Mac OS. After that I've installed VST plug-in to use BIAS FX in my DAW. Unfortunately I've figured out that my presets (and banks) that were created in standalone application are not visible in VST. It seems like VST is installed from scratch with default set of banks. Is there any way to use my presets from standalone BIAS in VST?

  • @int02h Not sure if you still need this, but just in case anyone ever stumble upon this on Google like I did, here's how to do it for Mac OS X. I do have a PC but I don't use BIAS on it.

    Basically, your Standalone presets are in /Users/<yourusername>/Documents/BIAS_FX/, where as since Garageband uses the OS X sandbox, the presets would be in /Users/<yourusername>/Library/Containers/ I do not know of other software's locations, so that is highly dependent -- you might be able to find it on your software's official FAQ website.

    If you are terminal savvy, then this would do:
    $ cd /Users/<yourusername>/Library/Containers/
    $ mv BIAS_FX BIAS_FX.bk
    $ ln -s /Users/<yourusername>/Documents/BIAS_FX $(pwd)/BIAS_FX

    If you are not proficient with the terminal:
    Go into your home dir's Documents, right click BIAS_FX and do "Make Alias". Go in to the second Documents in Garageband's path, backup the existing BIAS_FX folder somehow, rename it, then drop your newly created alias here and change its name to BIAS_FX.

    If you don't know how to find your DAW's preset path: it is likely similar to where Garageband stores its data IF it uses sandbox. If it doesn't, it's likely somewhere in your Docu

  • -ments folder. I found the Garageband location by running a full-text search for my preset name over my entire home directory (The Silver Searcher is the tool I used, but you can obviously use something else like grep or ack). Once you find it, the rest would be basically the same.

  • (Auto) Syncing presets (and backups) between the different apps and devices is THE ONE BIG ISSUE I do have with Positive Grid.