Using Spark as a bluetooth speaker with a laptop?

  • Hi, I searched but couldn't find an answer, so...

    I'm trying to use my Spark as a bluetooth speaker with my Windows 10 laptop. The laptop sees it and pairs with it, but I can't figure out how to select the Spark as an audio device to hear playback from the laptop instead of it's internal speakers. It shows in my list of bluetooth connected devices, but not as a selectable device in my audio/speaker output list.

    Is it only able to stream bluetooth audio from my phone?

    Any help is much appreciated, thanks

  • @disorganism There are two different Spark bluetooth connections -- one is for the app to control the amps and effects. And the other connection is for the bluetooth audio. That's called Spark 40 Audio. Make sure you've connected the Spark 40 Audio bluetooth connection to the Spark and the computer. Then you should be able to play audio through the Spark from your computer.

  • Thanks for your reply my friend. I did manage to figure it out. I had to go into devices and enable the Bluetooth function you mention. It was there, recognized but not connected. Weird that it had nothing to do with the audio settings menu, but a win is a win. I appreciate your help