It's Finally Here!

  • Ordered February 17th (145###) and told I would receive it by May (we all know that wasn't going to happen after a while). I got notification of status change and got a Fedex shipping label but took over 2 weeks for it to ship (Fedex waiting for the package).

    Well after all that wait, it finally came today via FedEx to Southern California. Hope it was worth the wait and price. Good luck to the rest of you!

  • @martinholt Thanks for sharing. I hope it works well.

  • @rexlarsenphoto So far so good. Didn’t get to play with it as much today. Downloaded the software onto my iPad, connected it via Bluetooth without issues. Sounds great connected to my iPad as a blue tooth speaker. Both electric and electric acoustic sound great. Had it analyze a Joan Jett song and the chords seem right.

  • @martinholt Good news !
    The Bluetooth speaker option influenced me to order the Spark since I have two amps. My Spark is scheduled to arrive tomorrow and I'm looking forward to getting good tone at very low volumes. Did yours come with the latest firmware ?

  • @rexlarsenphoto I haven’t checked which version of the firmware is on the amp. Which is the latest?

  • I ordered mine April 11th 2020 and received it today. I live in Sourthern California.

  • @shawn-0 Hmm I ordered mine in March, still not here. And didn't CEO say some went out of order? But he said they were going in order now. Wait he said that last week?!? He also said they weren't going to announce FedEx labels anymore....hmmm, still have one of those. I wish PG would stop peeing on my leg and tell me it's raining!

  • Mine delivered about 2 hours ago..............only had time to turn it on and plug in to see if it hummed, so far nope.
    Ordered Feb. 29th order #151***

  • Mine came today. Ordered May 5. While I was anxious to get it, I don't think the wait time was that long seeing the current situation with Covid-19 and coming from China. I'm in Canton, Ohio. No issues with unit or shipping. It works great!

  • @cshirer1 Wow! Wish I bought mine in May and received it already! I was stupid enough to buy mine in March and it's still a figment of my imagination. Sounds like that shipped AFTER Calvin's CEO letter stating shipping was going in order now! Again....quit telling me it's raining! Congrats on receiving yours, your story is truly a rare accomplishment.

  • May 4th order 201xxxx arrived yesterday and in good shape. So far, so good.

  • Ordered February 17th, and finally see movement on my FedEx tracking label. Supposed to be delivered on the 29th. We'll see...

  • I got mine 2 days ago - ordered in mid-January. Gotta say it is worth the wait. Overall, the amps sound great, with the exception of the standard "crunch." That one is terrible. I'm going to play around with cleans and overdrive pedal models to get something better. I need to get more time to play around with it, but so far it sounds way better than a Microcube, a Vox AC4TV and on some settings, better than my Blackstar HT-1.

    I can see people's issues with it sounding bass-heavy, but it can be tweaked. Some models definitely have a better treble response, and I feel like they should have put a kickstand on the front so you can tilt it up toward your ears. If you're streaming music via IOS, if you change your music EQ setting to "bass reducer," music sounds pretty darned good through it - very even throughout the frequency range and still adequate bass.

    Between having a great little practice amp and a pretty awesome bluetooth speaker, $224 is nothing. The wait was annoying, but you can always play our guitar while you wait.