My Delivery Timeline

  • I have found it interesting to see people's delivery updates so figured I would post mine as my Spark is due to arrive today (according to FedEx).

    2/7/20 - Spark ordered. Last Chance Special. Order # 1389xx. Being shipped to Massachusetts
    5/12/20 - Status update to "Awaiting Shipment"
    7/1/20 - Status update to "Local Distribution". Note - At some point between 5/12 and 7/1 there was an update to "In Transit", but I didn't receive an email for that update so am not sure of the exact date (and the dates are removed in the PositiveGrid tracker when the status moves to the next step). I think the status changed in mid June.
    7/13/20 - Status update to "Shipped".
    7/20/20 - Notification from Fedex that the shipment is "Out for Delivery"

    Hope this helps others that are eagerly awaiting their Spark...