Usb out to PA system?

  • What's the easiest way to output this amp to play live? I want to connect it to a PA system and/or power section of my other amp. Can we use the USB output and convert it somehow with low latency?

  • If you like the sound of Spark the best (the only) ways are 2...either you mic Spark (2 mics since it's stereo) or you connect Spark to an audio interface (and then into your PA) you can do this with a headphone cable that ends with 2 Jacks (L/R) Don't forget Spark is just a cool practicing small Amp and was not designed to be played Live....

  • Are there audio interfaces that I can use with the Spark that doesn't require a pc/mac? Thanks.

  • @lobster Why would you want an interface if not to run into a PC or a Mac? Pontesilli70 answered your question about how to get the output from the Spark into your PA or other amp. The USB only sends a stream of 1s and 0s which needs to be interpreted by some sort of computer to be converted into sound waves to come out a speaker. All you need is a cable like Pontesilli70 says, or use the mics like he suggested. If the mics you have won't work directly into your PA or other amp, you need a mixer, not an interface. There are some very inexpensive mixers which would do the job for you from Behringer and Yamaha and others.