How do i correctly set up my speaker?

  • ok i have both the BIAS Amp and FX on Ipad which i use with an iRig2. I've tried hooking it up to my Spider II amp but it just sounds pretty crappy and really uses the present sounds out of the amp anyway.

    How do i set it up so that it works properly and i can get all the diff tones through my Spider II amp?

    alternatively, whats a good/cheap set of speakers to use instead of the amp?

  • A2

    I can't find an FX loop on any Spider 2 manual I could quickly find, so you would probably want to go into your front panel input, turning off (to start with at least) any and all FX on the spider, including any sort of amp modelling, and if you can't do that, pick the cleanest amp you can find on it.

    Since its already got a speaker cabinet, I'm guessing you should turn off the cabinet emulation in Bias.

    You might want to set up some EQ's and other stuff later inside the spider for some last minute and immediate control, but I'd be letting bias FX do most of the DSP.

    I'm not sure how this will work for the direct out, if it has one, as I can't see a signal flow diagram for that amp.

    Some combo amps work great like this, some not so much.

    If you want cheap as chips, but crazy loud (and at least to me, GREAT sounding with BiasFX iOS), I just bought an Alto TS210 for less than 250 dollars and I love it, if you look at the Bias FX live thread you can see pics of how I have it set up

    Salvatore really shows how to set up the software there as well

  • thanks mate, will give that a look/try

  • Couple of suggestions, I've spend considerable time recording and playing guitar with/though my iPad.

    1. Ditch the iRig 2 and get pretty much ANY interface that uses the 30pin/lightning port on the ipad. Headphone interfaces will always be too noisy for anything but bedroom practice (even then) There are lots of options, iRig HD/Pro/Pro Duo, or any class compliant audio interface, I use a Roland duo-capture MKII as it runs off AC or batteries. I've also had good results with the Alesis IO dock ii and IO Mix (these charge your iPad)

    2. Get any decent guitar amp with an FX loop and plug your audio interface into the "return" jack. Tech 21 makes an amp called the Power Engine 60 which is a dedicated 60W extension cabinet, these are a great choice for MFX pedals and iPad based rigs.