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  • I was hoping to get a count of people that feel they were skipped over in the delivery process. Please reply if you are a last chance customer between 12000 and 16000 that have not yet received an actual shipping notice, not just a pre assigned shipping number. Please reply and a vote for this post may do something to get us noticed.

  • @chkatz My order, 141*** was placed on Februrary 11. The latest update provides a FedEx number. The only info provided by the "tracking" is that FedEx does not have the PG Sharp package. I've never experienced this before and have no idea if this is related to the pandemic.
    We can see that shipments received are anything but first-come-first-serve. PG promised a FCFS policy but hasn't delivered. Customers have a right to complain about that.
    Increasingly I feel way more amused than frustrated by PG customer service and public relations.
    From my point of view this is an inexpensive product and I'm not aware of a better option for the same low cost, $224
    As I've written before, PG can help their reputation by providing a product that functions well and sounds good.

  • @chkatz said in unfulfilled dreams:

    Please reply and a vote for this post may do something to get us noticed.

    look.. I ordered 3 November and received it June 19.
    was promised delivery end Dec, February, April.. bla bla bla.
    you guys should use my dates as a reference,
    if you're waiting longer than I did,
    then I'm sure you can have a good whinge about not receiving your spark yet.
    This forum and Facebook is full of the history of the delays we've encountered.
    No amount of whining is going to get it to you any earlier than it can.
    Other than that, sit patiantly and wait.
    You will receive it.

  • @crystalpit Add me. Even after they finally acknowledged they still shipped later orders before ours. Fedex does finally have it but they still shipped normal ground rather than try to make up for it with an expidited shipment. Whoever manages their customer service is a disaster and has cost the company lots of future business.

  • @rexlarsenphoto Tracking is now actually tracking and FedEx says delivery will be in three days. Many people who ordered late are experiencing much shorter wait times.

  • FYI "SPARK LAST CHANCE" Came on 7/20/2020 ordered 2/5/2020.

  • Ordered mid Feb # 145xxx. I have not received mine yet, it has been sitting in local distribution since July 1st. I've been getting a heavy run around from customer support and can't seem to get a straight answer from them (or now, any answer at all...).

    The update I have received is that it should be 'arriving at our local warehouse very soon'. Even with that, I haven't been able to get clarification on where that warehouse is; or why it is listed as 'local distribution' if it has not yet landed at their warehouse. It seems that I, like many others, am unable to be told where exactly my amp is or when I may receive it. I held out for as long as I could before jumping on the 'I'm Pissed' bandwagon; but now that people ordering in May/June have received their order I can't hold back any more.

  • @spencerfreeman11 I certainly feel for you hopefully mine, ordered in February, will be here tomorrow. There is no excuse for April and May orders to have been received and you cannot get a straight answer and your order moved up in the shipping queue. They know the order numbers and the dates the orders were placed. To continue to fill those orders in a happenstance random order is inexcusable.

  • @spencerfreeman11 . Ordered mine Feb14th #143xxx same boat as you. I'm in Canada.

  • @tam18662000 March 9 #155XXX FedEx pending since 7/1/20

  • I ordered mine on Feb 23, Order # 148278 and FedEx has it scheduled for delivery this Friday, July 24. 5 months!!

    By the way, look at the date it went into "Pending". All that means is a label was created, nothing was actually shipped, yet. Mine sat in Pending for a little over 2 weeks before the status changed.

  • @2me2me2me said in unfulfilled dreams:

    FYI "SPARK LAST CHANCE" Came on 7/20/2020 ordered 2/5/2020.

    same dates for me. would have been 2 days earlier, but UPS was too busy on Saturday to finish all deliveries...
    I'm in SoCal, very close to a distribution center.

  • @chkatz I am a Last chance 167**** Ordered March 28. Still nothing, it does look like that if I order now though, ill get that order before my original one....

  • @chkatz could it be??0_1595429980282_delivery 07222020.png

  • @chkatz Mine on truck for delivery today! Last Chance 151*** ordered February 29th

  • @chkatz nope, maybe tomorrow0_1595453582745_delivery 07232020.png