Best "flat' setting?

  • Spark finally received. Jan order.

    Unlike the Yamaha, this doesn't have "flat" setting. Am I missing something? What would be the best setting for using it as a flat monitor (e.g. using it with a POD or HX Stomp).

  • @emesem Good question

  • I did a comparison a few weeks back between my digitech gnx4 and the spark .
    I just plugged the gnx4 stereo headphone out into the aux in on the spark.
    worked great.
    I also tried my gnx4 1/4" Mono out to the spark 1/4" guitar in,and toggled all the effects/mods and amps off.
    Was doable, but the spark aux in sounded brighter.. similar to a normal amps return, if it has one.
    is that what you're looking for?

  • @emesem You might need to experiment with the various amp types to find the most "flat" sounding one, but I think if you remove all the effects from the chain you'll find what you're looking for. Try the Fishboy acoustic amp -- being based on the Fishman Acoustic amp it will most likely have the least coloration of the tone of any. I don't have my amp yet so I can't test my suggestion out, but conceptually it should work as I'm suggesting.