Support keyboard shortcut

  • I hope that Bias Amp and FX will support keyboard shortcut for desktop standalone version just like below.

    1, 2 ,3.....0 keys --> Quick Snap
    ESC --> Mute
    Space --> Previous Amp
    R -> Reverb
    N -> Noise Gate
    Command + O --> Open IR loader file browser
    Command + A --> Enter Amp match window.
    Command + C --> Enter Cloud tone window.
    Command + UP or Down --> Increase or decrease input volume.
    Command + Shift + UP or Down --> Increase or decrease output volume.
    Option + Right or Left --> Change model (Clean <--> Glassy <--> Crunch.........)
    and so on.....

  • @led2571 They should just make it mappable rather than for your personal tastes.

  • I asked for it several times too but did not get any positive feedback on it.
    I would really like to …

    • switch amps in the bank-view via 1-0
    • choose amps in the bank-view using the arrow-keys and select via Space/Enter
    • switch Quick Snaps in the amp-view via 1-0
    • use the arrow-keys and Space/Enter for all kinds of selections (f.e. cabs)
    • use TAB to select any editable element (which has to be overlayed by a tiny border to show what is actually selected)
    • selected elements should be editable by arrow-keys and numerical values (down=off / up=on)

    I absolutely hate to permanently switch between mouse/pad and plektron with my right hand. It leads to Epicondylitis too and nobody needs that. Using the keyboard is much easier and faster.

  • @led2571 maybe you like to know this special finding I like to quote

    "1st appearance of a arrow-key navigation :kissing_heart:
    I am sitting here with tears of joy in my eyes: I accidentally found a first lure of a overall key- and value-navigation. If you click (or mouse-over?) a fader of the mic-levels in the mixer you can move the faders up/down with the arrow-keys. This is especially important, because of the high volume-moves you can accidentally do, using a mouse or touchpad!

    It is impossible for me to tell, how I hate switching my strumming hand to mouse-hand and back, sometimes even having to drop my plectron, too :(

    A strong "hail" to arrow-keys, which hopefully might be followed by tab, space, enter and numerical values.
    It is a shame, that even simple status-messages (with only one option) can not be marked with "ok" using enter, like a faultless upload to the Tonecloud."

  • @sascha-ballweg Agreed.

    CAUTION: 2nd-hand info.
    10+ years after the fact, but I still communicate with my college roommate. He also writes/records music & due to modern technology, we've been able to work on projects together via simple file exchange programs (often only email). At 34, the only time I've ever felt old is when he & I have sent/received files during telephone conversations. Hearing something I created & bounced only seconds prior playing through the phone over his audio system (several thousand miles away) is simply remarkable.
    Anyway... He has a master's degree is computer science. He says that the assignment of key commands takes place within the development stage, & that to include them (or not) indicates a decision (i.e. choice) to do/not do so.
    So, I think this is intentional. Why? Absolutely no idea. But, also not terribly surprising if you read some of the release notes. A reoccurring favorite of mine is, "fixed: meters now function."

    Current workaround:
    1.) Knob values can be adjusted by 'click/drag' &/or a mouse's scroll wheel. I despise the Magic Mouse (I & II). MM I scroll wheel is unreliable. MM II scroll wheel is actually really nice, but the mouse is garbage. I recently purchased a Kensington Trackball. It took a couple of days to get used to it, but now I prefer it & use it for everything. This frees up a MM. I deactivate all it's controls except the scroll function & use it primarily as a pseudo PG controller.

    2.) PG responds to 'mouse-control' (currently). So another option is to change what it sees as your mouse. I went with the Trackball because it was useful in all apps. A very close second that I experimented with was remapping a PS-3 controller as a general MIDI controller. Many, many, options.

  • Warning! The faders of the mixer in the cab-section seems to have some kind of "magnetism" which lets the fader jump to the top, when you just want to choose and hold it. I got some deafening experiences with that, when using headphones :dizzy_face:

    Unfortunately you have to choose a fader by a mouse-click before you can use the up/down arrow-keys.
    It would be much better / safer to focus on a fader just by hovering the cursor.

  • A2

    Part of why we can’t sleep at night is that in reaper, assignment of key commands, even functions related to how keys are input, macros, scripting, communication with other programs and plugins are all, most decidedly NOT assigned during development!

    In fact ridiculous amounts of development time are spent on making sure as little of this as possible is assigned in development. Different people use different solutions, but there’s nothing physical to stop them from allowing custom key commands, or even macros and scripts. (I can think of some serious Bradshaw Board level functions that could be scripted in or maybe even macrod in, if the macros could be assigned to a midi cc or pc number)!