Massive diff in tone between headphones and speaker

  • I received my Spark yesterday and was playing around with tones for a long time, mainly attempting to achieve a scooped old-school death metal sound with subdued mids and crunchy highs. I could NOT achieve this no matter what on the Spark until I plugged in some headphones (Senn HD598 for reference) and realized I already had that tone!

    With no change in the patch/tone/whatever you want to call it, what has perfectly-scooped mids and clear highs through my headphones sounds rather mid-heavy and dull through the amp itself. I would expect a modeling amp to have consistent tone regardless of output method. Wondering if there's something I'm doing wrong here or if it's just the way the amp is...

  • Is that good or bad ? Is that not an issue with other products ? Just curious.
    I've become a fan of good heaphones to improve my listening experience while enjoying music or movies on an iPad or laptop.
    If the Spark speakers sound good and headphones sound better, I'm ok with that.
    Let's all keep in mind its a $200 amp.

  • Woops, think I had accidentally removed or hidden my post to describe the actual problem. It's not ideal, not because headphones just sound 'better' but there's a huge inconsistency in EQ/tone between the output methods. Let's say you dial in a tone listening to the speaker - it'll then sound very different if you switch to headphones, and I suspect if you output via USB to a DAW the same issue would occur

  • @deadbutdreaming In my brief foray's with gigging a modeling pedal I fell for what I later read some call the "hi-fi" sound. You get this great tone setting it up at home listening through your studio monitor speakers or even into the amp in your studio. Take it to the gig can't wait you're gonna sound SOOOO good and before the end of the first verse you're going "my tone SUCKS!!!" Not cutting through, eq sucks, lost it the mix. The same could be for dialing in a sound on headphones then listening to it out the amp speakers which is now affected by the room and your distance from the source. I do use multi-effects pedal for tuner, noise suppression, echo and the rare modulation into my tube amps, will be nice to have that in one package for my living room setup instead of a pedal board. Blues Jr. or Mesa Express in studio. Eleven Rack if I go direct to the board.