Spark Dev road map?

  • I don't know if it's a lack of communication or a mistake on my part, I saw nothing about a follow-up/development of the SPARK. Is there any question of making improvements or add amplifiers and effects ?
    I received my SPARKY a few days ago and I'm happy about it. Sounds good as an amp and with headphones too !

    • It lacks, however, an auto-wha.

    • A nomenclature of sounds would be welcome. I don't have the time or inclination to try 10,000 presets. So, in the application, having the possibility to add more alphanumeric characters in the field allowing to name the sound, would be nice. This would allow you to enter the abbreviation of the type of guitar, according to the commercial nomenclature that everyone is familiar with. ST for Stratocaster, TL for Tele , LP for Les Paul, etc... After that, we would have the possibility to refine our research, so that we don't waste time testing sounds that don't correspond to the type of mic/guitar we are using.
      It would also avoid hearing/reading "it sounds bad" comments or worse. A sound created for a Tele does not necessarily sound as good on a SG or PRS.

  • @sev On the other hand, such a nomenclature might discourage a user from even trying a sound which might be the ideal sound for her. And it won't stop the "it sounds bad" comments because even though a person is using the guitar the tone was designed around, the guitarist might still think it sounds bad. Not all sounds are going to be considered good by everybody who tries them out, even using the appropriate guitar.

    There hasn't been a comment on adding amplifiers or effects but in the CEO's letter of apology yesterday he did say "Spark is created with the vision of a smarter way to play and jam. We have many new developments in the pipeline, and we’re committed to adding new features, sounds, software and firmware updates on a regular basis." Which makes me think that we may all be in for some nice treats and improved features in the not-too-distant future. But just as with most software developers, specifics aren't mentioned until they are ready to be released because something mentioned might end up being too hard to implement. Developers don't want to promise something they can't deliver, so we'll just have to wait and see what comes along with the app and firmware updates to the amp.