tube preamp before interface?

  • do you guys think that if i used a tube preamp like a two notes le clean or something like that, that it would improve the feel and response of the amp sims?

  • @brian-dress No. I have gone that road in the past more than once with cheap amp sims like POD etc and you are polishing a turd. It is a complete waste of time, IMHO.

    Boosts and preamps can be useful and fun but they are not going to upgrade a deficient amplifier sim. If your amp sim needs a tube preamp to sound and behave like a tube product you need a better simulator or move onto a full tube product.

    I have two rack preamps, two rack power amps, AxeFx I & II, Helix, Atomic Amplifire, two heads, two combos, gobs of pedals... just a ridiculous amount of stuff. Bias can hang in there at the upper end of the spectrum if you learn it.

    Honestly a good interface and a tube screamer or something into Bias is pretty awesome and the convenience, portability to mobile, ease of use, etc are great. That pedal may be good as a front end boost but the "tubeness" is not going to be a big deal.


  • A2

    I always hear people say they want more dynamics

    And to achieve that, they place a dynamic range reduction device in front of their chain. Good stuff

  • is it a reduction device? its cool if its not a good idea. just trying to learn how to do whats best. I looked into your thing on the radial dragster too you know.

  • A2

    Most any active device is going to change the dynamic range, signal to noise ratio and frequency response. Elric is right, the tone shaping possibilities we have on these things are immense, for me its best to get it in there as cleanly and nicely as I can. Sometimes that means a passive DI, and sometimes, its worth the hit in other factors to use an active DI, but I am pretty loathe to put anything else before the input

  • Thinking about the sound of tubes and dynamics I remember these awesome BIAS Amp 2 vids…


  • I think the guys from August Burns Red run a tube pre leading into the front of their Kemper. I've never tried anything like this in the studio though.

    Traditionally, if I'm not getting the tone I want out of Bias, I'll swap guitars, pickups, or even players, and I find that makes a bigger tonal difference than a tube pre would.

  • Oh dear....they hired somebody in the states to do their video (second one). He's pretty good, but makes some sophomore-ish mistakes in his delivery (especially as he has a slight lisp within certain vocalisations) and expressions (they look a little haughty, and he tilts his head back and forth too often). 80s video revival.....