Is there anyway to reset the app in addition to the hardware?

  • I'd like to get totally back to square one and while I can reset the hardware, I think that I overwrote some of the settings in the app itself? Maybe I'm dreaming? Is there a way to get the app back to 100% factory? Thanks in advance!

  • @craig-0

    On Android:

    Settings - Apps - Spark - Storage - Clear Data/Clear Cache

    Should work.

    I have no experience with Apple devices so cannot provide any useful info.

  • @craig-0 Uninstall then re-install it would take you back to square one.

    Are you talking about the settings for presets (not the 4 factory ones) that you were enjoying playing or the way the app is set up for you?

  • Mine keeps kicking me off the app on my android.I have yet been able to play any of the amps on the app. All Im getting are the four presets. HELP !