Extremely High CPU Usage, it is just not usable for me. Anyone else?

  • I just purchased the Bias FX2 today. I don't have much to say about the sound quality. I tried GTR3 and Amplitube before. I can safely say the sound of Bias FX2 is better and more realistic than both. But the CPU over usage is just killing the fun out of it and makes it a pain to work with. And issues start to occur only with one channel. I usually record 3-4 guitar channels and a bass. What then?

    My setup is a Lenovo X1, Intel Core i7-8650 and 16 gb of ram with an SSD harddisk, and Focusrite Clarett 2Pre. I don't think it has anything to do with the setup. All else work fine. There is a serious coding efficiency issue here for sure.

    It is just impossible to work with this as a production tool. So I asked for a refund. I won't be super happy departing with it but what is the point of having the best sound while you just can't work with it?

  • I think you have issues closer to home my friend, I have an i7 4790@3.6GHz, 32 GB RAM, Focusrite Clarett 4Pre USB, standard old spinners for Hard Drives 7200 RPM, Windows 10 Pro, I can run as many instances as I need, routinely 5 or 6, with no signs of any adverse affects.

  • Jay ,
    I too have Intel Quad core i7 K875 @2.93GHz ,SSD hard drives 16GB ram and Akai EIE Pro interface with Windows 10 Pro..Am having same problems with glitches and inaudible sounds.Both elite versions of Bias . Support commented that it was due to my CPU .So can you give me any clues as why it could me my setup. I'm using Reason 10 as my DAW. Set up this computer solely for music .Any help would be appreciated.

  • Download and run Latencymon

    it will tell you if your system is suitable for real time audio. If your system has problems it will also point them out and give you a starting point to investigate and fix if possible.

    Read up on how to use it and understand it's findings etc.

  • wow... i run bfx on a win 10 with a core i5 3570 with 8mb ram and can record 3-4 tracks in reaper on a behringer interface and have no issues at all.

    Unfortunately i have no helpful info, but wanted to share that on my 5-6 yr old system, im good to go... so there is certainly something with your particular setup that is wonky.

  • Same thing here, with a pretty beefy 6-core Mac running Pro Tools. BFX ran better with an old 2-core box. A lot of testing and experimenting with reduced CPU core count has convinced me that there are threading-related problems in BFX. It works better with fewer cores enabled, and it works better with hyperthreading disabled. I can use one Bias amp fine. Add in another amp and often on startup (I.e hit play) the thing will choke, causing Pro Tools to abort playback. But there are CPU cycles to spare, to say the least.

    I have a support ticket in with 100% repeatable failures and it's been sitting in the queue for over a month, no action.

    I gave up and switched to Amplitube. It doesn't sound as good as BFX but it's totally reliable and the UI is so much better. Alas, the money I spent on BFX was wasted.

  • I use an LG Gram 17 with an i7-8565U (4-core 15W CPU) . Performance wise our CPUs are close to each other, they are roughly the same just some minor clock differences in base/turbo.

    One thing that took me forever to debug and fix was the Intel RST software was causing me all sorts of interrupt and latency issues. The Microsoft supplied AHCI driver that comes standard with windows is perfectly fine. If you have the Intel RST software installed (assuming you are not using it for one of it's features) uninstalling it might fix your issues. It took me quite a bit of trial and error of digging and changing things one at a time finding that, it was a tough one to get to the bottom of.

    Not sure if this would fix your issue, but if Lenovo installs Intel's driver by default like LG does, removing it might fix a problem for you.

    My main issue was YouTube videos hitching randomly for 2-4 seconds at a time, but I'm sure it was also causing some random other problems for me that were intermittent and hard to detect. Everything has been working smoothly after removing that software.

  • I have the same. I have a Mac i7 3.1 GHz, 16 GB, SSD and a Behringer UMC202HD and I also think there is nothing to do with my setup.

    I just used the performance meter in Reaper to check some things.

    I opened Reaper and added 6 tracks and applied Amplitube 4 to all of them. When recording all 6 at the same time, the CPU FX usage was averaging 21%.

    Then I restarted Reaper and then tested with Bias FX 2. Same setup: 6 tracks and recording all al the same time. The average of CPU FX usage was 49%.

    The CPU usage is killing the productivity. As @baransmail pointed, it's impossible to use it as a production tool. The standalone app is acceptable, but the VST is just a productivity killer.

    I will postpone my decision to buy it for now.