BIAS FX2 low output volume when behind AMP 2. Normal volume when in front of AMP 2.

  • I have been trialing some different routing options in Reaper using FX 2 and AMP 2, but whenever I put FX 2 behind AMP 2 (as if I were running a delay or reverb after the preamp) the volume is cut by about half. The output meters represent what I'm hearing. But there is no way to increase it back to normal volume, even adding all the output volume on FX I can - which I would rather not do - still won't reach the volume of AMP 2 by itself.


    Shown in green how it works correctly and shown in red it working as described.

    Has anyone else found this, and is there a work around? I am running Reaper 5.983, Win10 v1909.