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  • I’m supposed to receive my amp this week. I have been monitoring this forum and have seen a a lot of suggestions on how to do firmware updates, make the amp sound better, fix Bluetooth issues etc. Thought I would start this thread for any of the more experienced users to post their advice to newbies and those of us not so tech savvy.

    Thanks in advance

  • @mandmshrader One thing that you could do is "copy and paste" useful statements/information from other posts to this thread.

    By doing the "copying and pasting" into this thread every time you find some good information then you will have a plethora of information saved for yourself and others in one location and you wouldn't have to go back to those old posts and try to find them again.

    I have done it in other forums :-)

    I'll try to remember to come back to this thread and delete my reply so you can make this thread like it was your own forum :-)

  • @playitloud

    Good idea.

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    @paul-4 I did find today that the audio from my iPhone was not playing through the Spark amp again (it was not the USB cable being connected this time).

    I remembered at that moment that I had to do a different fix another time.

    Check the Bluetooth connection on your cellphone.

    You should have "2" things for your Spark amp showing up.

    Spark amp

    Spark 40 audio

    The Spark audio was missing so I did a refresh of Bluetooth devices and it showed up and connected.

    The audio was back again :-)

    If this doesn't fix it then uninstall the Spark amp app and re-install it.