Stuck in Local Distribution

  • This whole shipping thing makes no sense at all. I purchased my Spark on Feb 17. I finally get notified that it's in local distribution and it hasn't moved at all. Now, I can understand if I lived in a sparsely populated area but I live in Southern California.

    What gets me is I have order # 145### and my friend's order number is 149###. HE GOT HIS ALREADY. WTF? How is it that I order before him, have a number well above 4000 before him and he got his until on July 3, 2020?

    This company is ridiculous. I reached out and they just defer me to the tracking website.


  • Your friend got his. It happened to me as well, except it wasn't my friend it was someone on here. Mine showed up a few days later and my order track STILL says Local Distribution. So hang in there!

  • His order never moved out of Local Distribution. He also never got any emails with a shipping tracking number (fedex).

    Are they shipped via FedEx?

  • Almost same situation for me...ordered on Jan 20th #130xxxx and it's been in SoCal since July 1st. No more update after that. They only say it could be two weeks to distribute after July 1st....well its been two weeks now and no new update or tracking. I am up in Central Cal and it should have only took a couple of days from SoCal to get to me. Maybe you could just drive over and pick it up if possible and pick up mine I will give you my fedex account plus give you $50.00 for your trouble

  • @jim-2 If nothing else, while I am not happy my friend got his way before me, I at least saw that they are getting shipped. This gave me some hope that at least some are receiving their Spark amps. I just don't get their shipping at all. Every time i see the Fedex truck drive by and not stop, my heart just sinks again wondering if I'm ever going to get this thing or not.

  • @jim-2 The distributor will not communicate with customers. Don't bother on making a trip. I called them and they told me that Positive Grid forbid them from communicating directly with customers. They have amps. They only ship out the amps that PG directly tells them to ship from the inventory they have.

    I am guessing the inventory in SoCal is low and PG tells them the names for who gets an amp next. The individual amps are not pre-labeled and shipped for specific buyers (according to Global Courier Enterprise, who is handling US distribution.)

    On the facebook group, someone reported that a bunch of amps in the US and the UK were distributed to the wrong orders, explaining why people with later orders received their amps already. PG is blaming GCE. But GCE seems to be saying they don't ship until PG tells them who and when to ship what. What I cannot tell is:

    • Did PG always tell GCE exactly who to ship to, and it was PG who messed up distribution (inevitably, no matter the answer, the buck stops with them)
    • Did GCE mess up distribution order, and so now PG has to micromanage distribution (maybe, but it would still be the responsibility of PG, inevitably)

    Either way, we know that nothing is shipping at this point unless PG tells them to ship it. And all of the shipping details actually happen in the country of distribution (at least in the US). All of the shipping information before that might seem to the customer to be about their purchase traveling to them. That is completely misleading. That is just smoke and mirrors to by time until the manufactured product gets into a destination countries warehouse. That is where the real clock starts for distribution and PG is completely in control of that moment. They decide who gets their amp next, and they are the one's who told GCE (according to my personal call with GCE) that they are not allowed to communicate with customers. And PG is also not communicating with their customers. That leaves us in months of limbo because they are obfuscating their manufacturing, readiness, shipping, and distribution.

  • @steve-mcdonald Does anyone know where PG is headquartered and the name of the CEO?

  • @cratica I tried to sluth it but couldn't figure it out. So far Crushbase was all I could find:

    They are a small company from San Diego, California.

    Trust Pilot shows a pretty low service rating:

    People in the forums there claim they are not getting full refunds once they eventually get them.

    Google Maps shows them in Tiawan:,121.518015,17z/data=!3m1!4b1!4m5!3m4!1s0x3442a9e10ea4bf57:0x2d03796cd506628f!8m2!3d25.074204!4d121.520209

    I think the San Diego address isn't their real address. The website domain itself was registered in Tiawan:

  • @steve-mcdonald @cratica

    Here's the corporate registration and annual documents:

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  • @cratica, I looked on Linkedin, the majority of people are in Taiwan with 48 employees with approx. 8 employees listed in the US. Didn't see the CEO but there is a list of 59 employees largely software engineers, human resources, and marketing. 2 employees went to Berklee College of Music (excellent!). Also there are single employees sprinkled throughout South American and Europe, possibly the area sales representatives, such as 1 employee in Canada, 1 in Brazil, 1 in Germany, etc. With 59 employees and the majority of them live in Taiwan, it now makes sense the lack of communication in customer relations, clearly an after thought, also no employee has a title related to logistics or shipping hence the contracted courier service.

    I'm in the last chance deal.
    I noticed two people on this forum from Canada who ordered the same day as I did and a day later and both received their amps a week or two ago, I'm waiting but not sweating it as I have a nice Headrush unit and the computer to use in the meantime.

  • @scott_bryant

    What day did you order? Where are you located?

    I ordered Feb 12 and live on the east coast, usa. Been sitting in california since July 1.

  • Mine was just dropped off at FedEx about 3 minutes ago. Estimated delivery on Friday, 7/17.

  • Is Calvin Abel somehow related to Elizabeth Holmes?

  • I just got an email with a FedEx tracking number. A shipping label has been created but Fedex has yet to receive the package. I live in California about 20 minutes from where my amp is, Somewhere in the City of Industry. Ordered Feb 17, order number 145###

  • @martinholt You are really close then. Based on what others have seen, shouldn't be much more than a month for you at this point. :)

  • Why don’t they tell us where the warehouse is and we’ll pick up the damned things ourselves??
    Ordered one June 17 and another June 27. They both went from ‘preparing order’ to shipping and now I suspect both are in limbo for another month. I’ve never seen a company like this!

  • @rn33 Are you serious? You ordered 2 weeks ago and are already worried about your wait time? Oh boy. This will be fun to watch! LOL Be prepared for several months (4-7) of this nonsense. I ordered mine Feb 3 when I was initially told expected ship date was late Feb. I am SUPPOSED to receive mine tomorrow after a LOT of being jerked around. Good luck!

  • @rn33 I ordered mine 3/14 April, May Delivery turned into End of June Delivery
    I told PG I m betting on August given their Pattern of BS. It is now 7/15 and my delivery Estimate is still good