Ordered April: Shipped | Ordered Jan: Local Distribution??

  • I placed my order on Jan 30th, and it's still in Local Distribution. Whilst, someone else placed their order on April 15th, and just received confirmation that it's been Shipped?

    Anyone else notice these issues?

  • @uriah32 Yes, this is a complete clustersuck

  • Yes and no acceptable response from PG about it

  • Positive Grid claims it was an unaffiliated company that shipped "hundreds" or orders out of order. (looks closer to the thousands, if you pay attention to order numbers)
    If that is the case, neither the third party logistics company nor Positive Grid has offered any sort of compensation or even a formal apology for the mistake. It doesn't take a marketing genius to know that you take a fraction of the profit they made from this amp and fix this major issue.
    I'm not talking some piss poor VST plug-in that most people couldn't use without some sort of audio interface anyways, which makes me think that was their exact reason for offering the software...It's like they knew that this $30 plug-in would only be used by a fraction of those they offered it to...

    How much of a cost to profit would they have taken if they offered to overnight the amps that were sent out of order? That simple thing would have changed my opinion drastically about this company and how they perceive their clients as well as many others, I can only assume.