Amp Match - Audio file sources

  • Hi all. I would like to use this thread as a link recomendation base for audio-file sources, from which you can try to match a amp without recording it by yourself.

    There should be plenty of services and sites which provide recordings of amps.
    All you have to do before posting such a site or service is to check if the audio is downloadable or convertable as a download somehow. And the recordings have to be as dry as possible.

    Good sources should be found in the amp-tests of magazins and in the demo-files of online-shops and of amp-manufacturers. Any idea and suggestion is welcome but please try to keep this thread as clean as possible!

    P.S. for suggestions of existing matches in the Tonecloud please use this thread…

  • SoundCloud

    • Guitar & Bass
    • different publishers
    • hundrets of files
    • indirect downloads

    In search for "Ampete Two" (as this is a less known amp) and lookout for the publisher "Gitarre & Bass". To download you need a SoundCloud-Downloader browser plugin or a online service. There are many.

    At Gitarre & Bass there are dozens of other amps tested too but you can only use the ones without noticeable effects. There may bealso recordings with double mics, which the amp match feature is not able to recognize or match.

    Go for it, try it, have fun and beware of ear fatigue when tweaking! But remember: much of the tone is hidden in the playing style, guitar, room and the small space between speaker and the mic!

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  • This post is deleted!

  • And if anyone has IRs they would like to share, this might be a good place as well.