Spark ASIO with Cakewalk (Windows)?

  • Hi,

    Has anyone had any luck getting the Spark ASIO to work with Cakewalk on Windows? I'm trying to decide if I need to raise a support ticket with PG or with Cakewalk.

    If I try to record with the Spark selected as input/output (latest 4.80, setup file in the zip is dated 2020/12/23) I get this error:

    The driver settings in Cakewalk look like this. Audio driver bit depth is not adjustable.:

  • @christopher-cook The error message says "may not support the current project's format" -- I see that you have the Sampling Rate default setting at 48K -- what happens if you change that to 44.1K? Or change your current project's sampling rate to 48K so that it matches the setting in the dialog you've shared in your message?

  • If dhbailey's advice doesn't work, open the "ASIO panel" and ensure, in the "WDM device list", that "Positive Grid" is chosen as the default device also tick the "always resample" box.

  • @redhouse_01 Try changing project sample rate to 48KHz(in project preferences dialog), from my experience it is the only sample rate that is supported.

  • @christopher-cook I believe that I always had to change CbB to WDM since I had a similar issue with my AXE FX III.

    Another option for you is to NOT use the Spark ASIO driver and just use the direct out (headphones) from the Spark to your audio interface inputs.

    This way was how I was able to record with my AXE FX III in CbB.

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  • Hello.

    I think we have the same issue. Have you resolve it? if ever, can you show me how?

  • I think I've got it working, at least I can record and hear audio back through my PC speakers during playback. This is my config
    2_1601372102611_Config3.png 1_1601372102609_Config2.png 0_1601372102607_Config1.png