Why is status update still not working??

  • I ordered May 10th and a few weeks ago, was told my amp is on its way. Why is my status still showing as preparing and not moved. I know there was an issue which was fix d last weekend, but it’s not changed mine. I am waiting for the tracking which I was told at start of week would be with me soon, where is it. Tried asking support but totally rude and not answering, instead using generic messages despite me asking for a real response. I look forward to the reply 😊

  • @gilbert535 Who told you you would have a tracking number soon? Almost everybody's order status was changed to "In Transit" back on July 1st. That most likely meant that your amp was in a container headed for a ship from China, which takes between 1.5 and 2 weeks to reach the U.S. If you are in some other country that time may be longer or shorter. Then once it arrives in your region, it gets moved to a logistics center where the shipping labels are printed and from there it gets moved to the local delivery company. I ordered my amp 4 days after yours. I'm not expecting mine until the end of this month if I'm lucky, or the middle of August.

  • @dhbailey Eric Sands said I would receive tracking soon!! He said he checked with logistics team 😊

  • @dhbailey I’m UK based btw

  • @gilbert535 I’ve had a “tracking number” for 12 days now and FedEx still doesn’t have the amp. All they need to do to get you a tracking number is print a label. Doesn’t mean that they will actually use the label to send you anything. I ordered on Jan 23rd.

  • @ermazur
    Same story here. Ordered on February 3. Package still not received by FedEx. I was told about two weeks ago by PG customer service that I would receive my order in mid July. PG knows how to take the orders but they sure don’t know how to fulfill the orders.