Positive Grid tracking vs Fedex

  • Ordered Feb 3, got the whole 9 weeks "in transit" BS. Then onto Local Dist for a long time. Then today the PG tracking updated to "Shipped". So I checked the tracking number on Fedex Site and it shows shipping info sent to Fedex on July 1st! But that they haven't even received the package yet!

    That is 11 days that Positive Greed has had my amp sitting somewhere and can't get it to Fedex.

    I have ordered MANY products that shipped via Fedex, sometimes several each week this entire year. I have gotten all of them on time or early except 2 which were 2 days late. This is NOT a Fedex problem, I don't care what excuses PG has stated on their website or reps have said on this forum.

    Anyone else have shipped status only to show not received on Fedex? Or have this discrepancy but finally receive it? How long did it sit?

    Bottom line, Positive Grid is a complete joke of a company.

  • @cratica
    Ordered mine the same day. Still in local distribution. No movement in FedEx either. Hope yours finally starts moving. I was told by PG customer support that I would receive my order mid July. Based on the current status, that looks doubtful.

  • @cratica

    Just a thought, but maybe yours “has shipped” from the warehouse only but has not yet arrived at the FedEx facility for shipment to your location.

  • @mandmshrader No, it shows on the Fedex page that it can't estimate the delivery date (currently "pending") because it hasn't even received the package. The only indication that Fedex has is because PG has created the label. That's it. Fedex has received "shipment information" on July 1st. From that the ball has been dropped by Positive Greed.

  • @mandmshrader Yea, their word is as of a politician's. Meaningless. I've been told by PG that I would receive my amp in late Feb... then mid Mar, then Apr, Then May, then June, then mid July. They have no credibility at this point. Zero.

  • @mandmshrader It shows that it will be shipping from "City of Industry, CA" to "Leander, Texas". Fedex has an office nearby so it could be picked up and taken to their office in minutes, not hours, days or 11 days in this case.

  • @cratica
    Well you appear to be a step closer than me. Hope you get yours soon. Good luck!

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  • Is positive grid spark just a Ponzi scheme ??? Has anyone NOT a YouTuber conning more suckers ever actually got their amp ????

  • @massimilliano78 said in Positive Grid tracking vs Fedex:

    Is positive grid spark just a Ponzi scheme ??? Has anyone NOT a YouTuber conning more suckers ever actually got their amp ????

    of course.. I waited 7 months and eventually got it.
    And I've already sold it on as well.
    what makes you think that?

  • @massimilliano78 It's not a Ponzi scheme if a company takes money and then never delivers the product. That's called theft. You should look up what a Ponzi scheme really is.

  • @dhbailey it will arrive, it's frustrating oh I know .waited six months plus . To receive my spark amp. I do like it . And so will you.

  • @dhbailey said in Positive Grid tracking vs Fedex:

    @massimilliano78 It's not a Ponzi scheme if a company takes money and then never delivers the product. That's called theft. You should look up what a Ponzi scheme really is.

    What about when one receives it and sells it on for 150% profit?
    Ponzi or Profiteer?

  • @crystalpit A Ponzi scheme is when a person sets up a fraudulent investment scheme, gets early investors to put their money in with the promise of huge profits. Then they use the number and names of the early investors to entice others to invest in second and third waves of investments, then the organizers use some of the investment money from the second and third waves of investors to pay back the original investors, adding in huge percentages of profits. Then they use that as publicity to entice future investors and use the money from 4th and 5th waves of investors to pay back the 2nd and 3rd waves of investors, again with huge profits. And all along the organizers hide away a lot of the money so they have a secret stash to go play with when the scheme fails (as they all do) as eventually there aren't enough future investors to scam in order to pay back the 4th and 5th waves of investors and lawsuits start and the securities and exchange commission gets involved and the criminal trials start. If they are smart (most aren't this smart) the organizers of the scheme have left the country and have their billions of dollars of stolen money in offshore accounts in countries which don't have criminal treaties with the home countries where the Ponzi schemes originate. There are never any hardware or software products involved in a Ponzi scheme, as far as I have read.

    So PG can't be accused of being a Ponzi scheme. And it appears that despite all the missteps and misplaced orders that PG is trying hard to make things right with its customers. It just failed to consider just how popular its Spark amp would be.

    As for someone buying one and selling it on at 150% profit, that's just good business. The clothing industry does it all the time, as do many other industries. There's nothing illegal about anybody ordering a Spark amp and then selling it on at a huge profit. One might consider legal action if only one person or company had ordered all the available Spark amps and were selling them on at huge profits since they had cornered the market. But that's not what's happening here -- there are many very satisfied customers who have gotten their amps, with more receiving them every day.

  • Received my FedEx tracking number July 2 a day after you did and I am in the same boat. I have a shipping label but FedEx has no package to assign it to. Coincidentally, I got the tracking number after complaining on this forum on the 2nd of July. After complaining I had a FedEx tracking number within 3 hours. This company is a joke. I think if you want a Spark, wait a year so they have time to work out their logistic issue and some of the amp issues that appear in the forums.

  • @sammarman To my friends here: I just received an update on shipping and tracking of my Feb 11th purchase from Michigan, USA. Order number 141XXX.
    What I can tell from the odd update is that the Spark amp is in California, Fed Ex does not have it and no other information is provided.
    The tracking is not yet tracking. I'm more amused by the whole process than unhappy.
    It's kinda like a lot of Chinese stuff, it's cheap and takes a long time to show up.
    It's clearly not first come first serve, the amps are being shipped regionally. I'm guessing I'll receive mine more quickly than some who paid earlier.
    Unlike other surprise Spark deliveries, I hope FedEx informs me when it's sitting outside on my porch.

  • My Spark order is currently with FedEx in ARCADIA, CA and is due to arrive 7/17/20.
    Ordered 3/27/20, #165***

  • @rossman Mine was ordered Mar 14, 2020
    It is located in Industry, Ca. With No Delivery date specified. It has been there since 6/30

  • @sammarman Same here. I emailed CS and got a canned response then responded to that asking why orders placed in April and May had received theirs and mine has been in Local Distribution for weeks. Have the label created and tracking number. An hour later got a "It's in Fedex hands". I have a Fedex account and they have not received 36 hours later. If I ship something Fedex an hour after they get it they show it with an estimated delivery which is 99% good. It's for their internal tracking to they don't just sit packages in corners, I sell to distribution centers when that truck pulls up they are off loaded into the system and immediately scanned.
    You just can't trust even the tidbits of information they give you.