Excessive hum (even with gate)...

  • I've been using Amp for awhile and just came back to FX (I have both Amp 2 and FX 2). FX 2 had some updates and since updating (, I have insane feedback. Amp 2 I haven't updated yet, but is not exhibiting the same issue.
    Things I've tried:

    • Obviously adding a noise gate to the virtual pedal board. I ramp it up to full and still have a lot of hum on even mediocre distortion
    • Eliminated my interface by taking the cable out my interface and going straight to amplifier with similar config - no issues. A Spark amp for that matter :)
    • To test out everything I used a simple soundtrap project direct from my interface (no BIAS) to record a couple seconds of play with similar settings - no problems.

    I also have found on Amp 2 that the sound gate has to constantly be shifted upward - what worked on 20% for the exact same amp needs 30% the next time, then 40%, till I'm cranking the soundgate the whole way over. I have noticed that if I set the gate to 0 before restarting the amp it sort-of lets me start around 20% again. So... Amp 2 has a workaround, if annoying.

    Has anyone seen this or have any suggestions? Pulling my hair out trying to use FX but the hum is excessively heavy.

  • Single coil or humbucker?

  • i too have experienced problems with both the Amp2 and FX2 ..since upgrading to both versions of elite 2 i have had problems they have not been able to help with ...last call from support believes its my cpu but im running windows 10 i7 quad core 2.93 ghz 8g ram. in Reason10 DAW. Didnt think id have a problem running the software with a dedicated computer built for this purpose .im at the stage where i cant figure this out so i stopped using the software but am still looking every day for answers ..it sucks .

  • @tomasid58-0 I'd believe CPU issues except soundtrap doesn't exhibit the same issue, nor do other DAWs if I don't use BIAS software.

  • @tomasid58-0 Actually, I have tried single coil, humbucker, and even a P90 on a borrowed guitar. Behavior is always the same.
    On FX out of desperation I added two more noise gates... and this seemed to help. On the very simple and mild settings, that blows my mind. If I then get something really gritty, even three noise gates are not working.

    So I guess it's true to say I have found a rough workaround for mild settings, but honestly this is not good enough. On a non-software setup I have never needed more than one noise gate except when things are really hairy, and even then it's possible to tone things down a bit to calibrate. On Amp a very similar setup is ok, but then I'm faced with the issue that the dial has to be cranked over time, resetting only when I restart the app... which also seems very suspicious.

  • Was using bias 2 with a laptop and what fixed it for me was making sure I had a grounded (3 prong) power supply cable.