Support ticket raised re lack of information

  • Message sent to Support, dunno whether it'll do any good:
    "Hi, I appreciate the difficulties that a popular new product can cause in a supply chain, and also the disastrous effects that COVID-19 has had on meeting customer expectations for some companies. However, I don't think that excuses the really awful lack of accurate communication we, your customers, are receiving. Looking at the forums I am a very long way from being the only person feeling this.
    Please get some accurate information out to us about realistic delivery timescales, warranty provision on hugely-delayed product, compensation for delay (some freebies would be nice), and anything else that some of my fellow customers have asked for.
    Setting expectations correctly is a fundamental principle in keeping customers happy. Please, no more vague news containing what you think we want to hear. What we actually want to hear is an honest assessment of when we will receive what we have already paid for.
    Thanks in advance,

  • Good message! thanks for sending this.
    let us know if there is a reply.