New to Bias FX2 Standard, worth upgrade to Pro?

  • Is the "Pro" upgrade worth it at the discounted price? I mean, is the quality of the effects and amps noticeably better? Not sure if I should just stick with standard for now and try to dial it in.

    I'm new to Bias FX2 and just really getting to know it... Liking it so far. Better luck modifying canned presets that the Tonecloud stuff. I see a lot of Tonecloud pedalboards that are locked, presumably because they have Pro or Elite?

    Thanks for any advice... The 45% off sale ends tonight!

  • @k47boyd The amp and effect quality isn't different in the Pro version. You just get more amps, more effects, MIDI capability, IR loader etc.
    More presets from tonecloud will be available with the Pro version, but I agree with you---better to modify and make your own presets.

  • Thanks for the reply... I was ready to pull the trigger on the Pro version, thinking there were better quality effects/amps. Too easy to get lured into buying better tone! Thanks man...

  • @k47boyd Might be worth it for you to get Bias Amp2, that way you can make your own amps and import into FX2.

  • @myxolydian Thanks for the suggestion... I might have to look into Bias Amp2 someday. As for now, I like your advice to try to get the most out of what I have. I'm barely scratching the surface of Bias FX2... Thanks!