AXE-FX3 will come out soon

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    it "sounds" really expensive!

  • Feel like I've spoken on forums about this so much today. Great piece of kit but oh my that price, talk about rip off! Even the darling of current modelling the kemper (I know it's not modelling but it's achieves the same thing) with power amp built in and the pedal controller is less that the cost of the axe 3.

    It'll sell well though and everyone will say it's so much better than everything else on the market. Not my money they're wasting though!

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    In 1988, gas cost a dollar a gallon where I lived. To get anywhere close to what the axe 2 would do and this is only sort of close , would take say a JMP 1, a PCM 80, an Sox 2,and at least 2 h3000’s. Add a Bradshaw board. Already well past 20,000 and a huge pita to program.

    With gas at 4 dollars a gallon now we’re looking at at least an 80000 dollar setup for less than 5000

    I think we’re pretty spoiled today

    That said, I’d way rather have a windows tablet and a decent interface, I’ll pick my own software

  • @pipelineaudio : yah. But the III is targeted at studio and road engineers. It's like the Rocktron Prophecy. However, as the III is the next generation , regular folks will have to buy it, and they will. Three rack spaces, though.....

    This strikes a certain chord. Talk about meta. Reminds me of Digitech in the 90s....

    Our new “Channel” concept is a revolution in functionality. Each effect block has up to four channels with each channel containing a unique set of parameter values. Channel switching is instantaneous and seamless and can be done manually (via a foot controller, for example) or automatically when changing scenes. Channels can also be switch via MIDI for applications requiring automation.

    Of course this (from Music Radar article) isn't so, and hasn't been with any piece of gear

    If Fractal is to be believed - and it's never let us down before - "If you can dream it, the Axe-Fx III can do it."

    ...simply because of the functions of tubes and clipping, and the religious adherence to not tailoring the physics of these to one's whim.

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    For the studio analogy, the price of this unit today, is about a 30th of the price of a mackie home toy 8 buss aimed at engineers used to buying neve's and SSL's

    The Axe may seem expensive compared to what else is out there, but its a bargain price we would have paid a house's price for in the 80's

    We are so disgustingly lucky today

  • Reverb says $2500 introductory, which was the price of the original II, which I don't think is expensive. i was expecting at least three grand. I don't know how they got it to that price point - except that they may be leveraging the bet that most II owners will upgrade. And prospective buyers will be more enticed for the same reason, 'Hey - new Axe-Fx for twenty-five hundred! WOW.'