Feature Request: show knob-/slider value on mouse over

  • Hi. sometimes I find a pedal in a particular preset very nice and want to integrate it on another preset.
    To get the value of a knob or silder, I have to actually press and move it, in order to make the numbers appear! And even then, they are not the original values anymore, because I just changed them!
    Even adjusting knobs when experimenting with the sound, I have no clue, what was the actual value I started from. (rightclick to cancel would make sense IMHO!)

    To simply make the value appear, as soon as the mouse hovers over the knob would help to know what the actual value is, and should not too hard to implement, right?

    And I'm not even talking about a copy/paste function for Amps, pedals or settings in general ;)

    What do you think?


  • @derpapa I think your request is entirely reasonable, and this feature would be useful. It's the complete lack of the ability of copy&paste or saving of individual effect presets that's a sad joke. :-)

  • Forget it people, this kind of stuff, value readouts etc have been asked for forever, since BIAS Amp 1, and what do we have? zero, zilch, nada. This and quite a few other features that are standard in most other Amp Sims/Software have been talked about, complained about (the lack of), requested ad nauseam to no affect.

    Make it easy on yourself, either forget it and carry on, or forget it and move on, I chose the later, there are better options out there.

  • The tones are really good, but the handling is quite the opposite.

    Just want to dial in 354 ms on a delay pedal... not possible!

    Sure, you can say: "Close enough, it's analog gear. you can't dial in the exact ms on a real pedal either"
    Than I say: "O'rly?"

    Since day one of digital sound, those tiny knobs and sliders of the real thing are used to create the interfaces and I get it, but why isn't it possible to take care of details, like proper steps of 1 ms, holy... I actually can't believe that I'm writing this...

    It's like telling the Positive Grid Dev team: "Yeah, some keys on your keyboards are missing, but you will find a way around it ... use the windows character map"