Audio connection Problem Blinking blue light

  • The devises all confirm a connection through the spark App ,

    The amp models work through the devises ,

    The audio never connects, and the blue light never goes solid.

    New iPad version 7 OS 13.5.1
    iPhone 6s os 13.5.1

    Spark firmware version

    Been going round and round with Felix @ tech support via email

    He just keeps sending me links to the forum page and google videos , which are no help as I've done all the steps they advise

    Resetting the amp, updating the firmware, deleting all other Bluetooth devises
    deleting and reinstalling the spark app..

    After waiting since January for delivery, receiving it june 19th..Tired of wasting time with this thing

    Any Ideas would be appreciated

  • @fdimar1

    Ok, here's something to try, presuming you have dual band wifi:

    Connect your device's wifi connection to the 5Ghz band, not the 2.4Ghz. The bluetooth connection uses the 2.4 band, so there could be a conflict.

  • just for clarity..
    in addition to the connection with the Spark app, have you also paired the Spark 40 Audio that you find in the list of devices among the Bluetooth settings of your iOS, under Other devices?

  • I don't think it's a wifi problem, otherwise the app wouldn't connect

  • @fdimar1 Thank you for your replies

    Under the bluetooth settings the amp shows connected when the app is launched

    as for the wifi, connections, i'm steering clear of that thing..mess that up and the family might revolt

    Thank you all, your advice is appreciated.

  • @samueleonline said in Audio connection Problem Blinking blue light:

    I don't think it's a wifi problem, otherwise the app wouldn't connect

    Yep, I think you're right. I missed the first line.

  • Ahh , one problem solved , another mystery

    I "Forgot" all bluetooth devices ,switched on amp, turned on bluetooth, connection showed , clicked on and paired,
    launched app
    Blue light solid audio connection made ! great
    Chose the music icon in the spark app and no graphics for the jam tracks,,, text is there in the description boxes.
    One can chose the track and it will launch , and the track will start with all the bells and whistles.

    Went over to spotify within the spark app same story no graphics, text only. Bizarre !

    A minor inconvenience of sorts but aggravating non the less

    At last I can have the lion share of the features available.