Can I run my external guitar pedals into the Spark?

  • I just ordered the Spark 40, wanting to take advantage of the intro pricing. One question I had not answered, though, was if I can run my external pedalboard into the amp?

    I like to use a volume pedal for both volume control and creating swells with delay. I had assumed this would not be an issue, or running any of my pedalboard into the amp. But now I am curious because I can't find any clear answers.

    Am I missing anything? Anyone know for sure about this?


  • @bwnorton The amp will take whatever you put into it and work with that. So a volume pedal should be no problem, just set the Spark to be as you want when your volume pedal is full-volume, and then you'll be able to play softer from there. Other pedals should work, especially if you disable any of the Spark's built-in pedals through the app. Then you should be able to add in the Spark's built-in pedals to your original signal and find new ways to get even greater sounds. But remember that whatever volume the Spark gets it will amplify that, so be careful.

  • @dhbailey Thanks, good to know. Just didn't want my input signal to damage anything or for the Spark to be unable to handle it.

  • @bwnorton As I understand volume pedals, they don't increase the signal, they just decrease it or move it back up to the normal full signal. It's the other pedals you have to watch out for -- if the output from a pedal can be louder than the input you need to be careful.