Bias AMP 2 super unresponsive GUI

  • Hi,

    as I'm not satisfied with the Logic pro integrated amp solution, thus I tested the AMP 2 demo. After I overcame the installation issues (plugin not in the user directory), I could select the Bias AMP in Logic, but:

    It responds totally laggy, any click in the GUI is responded with a delay of several seconds (5-10s). The sounds itself is not delayed. And it sounds really great, if I could overcome this issue I'd purchase it.

    My equipment:
    Mac Pro 2013 12-core w/ 64GB RAM and 2TB NVME
    MacOS 10.15.4
    Blackmagic eGPU
    LG Ultrafine 5k

    I tried different interfaces and different sampling rates, sound is always fine, but configuring it makes me crazy. CPU load of the first thread of the first CPU is 45%, overall 95% of the system is idle. RAM load is also below 16GB

    Your advice is highly appreciated !

  • Nobody any similar experience?

    Also the Positive Grid support didn't answer since last week. Disappointing...

  • @christof-maluck I can tell you I have actually seen quite a few reports about these issues here so for sure they are aware of it and I suspect still working it out, along with many other things they are trying to handle

    For me I have not had this experience in Logic Audio but I use a laptop with an NVIDIA card 2 GB (2013) and an old non high res monitor - maybe try some different settings on your graphics or monitor?

    good luck

  • @tafkad : Thanks a lot for your comment!

    Well, in regards to Graphics there's not too much to configure. But if a system with 3 GPUs, 12 CPUs and 64GB RAM can't handle the plugin, there's definitively something strange.
    We started recording now, I guess we stay with real amps as before. The response of the support team seems to be as quick as the GUI :-) Obviously no solution for us...

  • Is your graphics resolution on Default for display? I have a 2012 MacPro 2 x 3.46 GHz w/40Gb of Ram and Radeon RX 580 8GB Graphics card. Both Bias FX2 and Bias Amp2's interfaces were very slow in response. I realized that when I put my graphics card to default for display, both FX2 and Amp2 worked smoothly. This seems to be common on other products such as Line 6 Native also.