Presets sound different when I record to laptop via USB

  • When I record from my Spark amp to my laptop using the USB cable, the sound I record is a lot more distorted than what I hear from the Spark amp. I have installed the PositiveGrid_UsbAudio driver. Any idea what I'm doing wrong?

  • @stephen-andrews if it's distorted, you may have the level set too high on the track you're trying to record it to. Have you tried using a cable from the 1/8" headphone jack to an audio interface? If you have an audio interface available to try I think you should consider that to see if it's the tone or simply your setting. What happens if you turn the volume down on the amp before trying to record over the USB?

  • @dhbailey Thanks for your reply. Turning down the Music volume all the way on the amp worked. I thought that would reduce the USB output to nothing but instead it removed the distortion. Problem solved. Thanks so much.