Last Chance Special - Australia orders

  • Hi All,

    I ordered a Spark on the 26th of Feb (Order 1493xx) and the tracking status still shows "being prepared". I saw posts from lucky people in the US who oredered in April and have already received the amp. Looks like a key factor affecting the order PG dispatch the amps is the delivery region.

    If you are a last chance special and located in Australia, can you please share your order status here?


  • Hi, I'm from Singapore and ordered on the 18th Feb (145xxx). Still nothing from PG, not even "In Transit" so i guess we still have to wait more. Tried to send them a message but the automatic reply redirected back to the shipment updates on their blog.

  • G'day mate!
    Yes its pretty shitty of them, I'm in New Zealand and ordered mine mid November "Power supporter". order no 8xxxx

    Last update early June said

    "remaining Power Supporter customers in Australia and Southeast Asia should begin receiving their Sparks starting in mid-June, and we expect Last Chance Special customers should now begin receiving their Sparks starting in late June"

    Its now July and mine's still being prepared!
    They have good reasons for delays but none for their poor communication on giving misleading revised dates. All I'm asking for is a realistic date plus the bastards are still advertising June July delivery for new orders but put on a separate page that COVID could delay delivery.

    I've tried to contact them but I just keep getting auto email responses saying they understand my excitement and we thank you for your enduring patience. Well that turned into anger long ago, why should people in US who ordered several months after me get priority?

    Anyone reading this, in my view unless you live in US or prepared to wait over half a year or more and accept that the app is still way too buggy to be of real use as advertised, go with a Katana or one of the Yamaha THRII.

    I was hoping to get Spark for xmas and I may still, just a year out!

    Your dreaming mate!

  • @bmullaghan
    What a coincidence the day I write my first comments on my frustrations the bloody thing arrives.

    So Positive Grids Status is not accurate as it was delivered yesterday but still shows as still being prepared.

    For the record for others still waiting I was a power supporter:-

    Ordered 17/11/19

    PG Advised Jan delivery which moved out monthly.

    Left from factory on the 3/06/20

    Delivered to my house in New Zealand on 02/07/20

    Initial thoughts looks great, initial tones at low volumes sound good.
    Haven't used app yet with it.
    Hope delivery and bugs in app continue to improve.

    kia kaha everyone which is Maori for keep strong

  • @bmullaghan said in Last Chance Special - Australia orders:

    Anyone reading this, in my view unless you live in US or prepared to wait over half a year or more and accept that the app is still way too buggy to be of real use as advertised, go with a Katana or one of the Yamaha THRII.

    Unfortunately, what you described is exactly what those in the US are dealing with too. Orders from Jan, Feb are still not delivered. I order Feb 3. Still no amp and as you stated, lots of misleading information and auto responses to any support questions.

    Hope you get yours soon. Best of luck.

  • @cuonghoangchi I am the Last Chance special, ordered by my son in Singapore in Mid March, as a birthday present, and to be sent it to Malaysia. Surprisingly, without notification what so ever, I received the Spark amp today (6th. July) from DHL, (now under quarantine). Will only open the parcel tomorrow. Hope you will be receiving your soon. Cheer!!!!

  • @ericmail75 I ordered 25th of March order #163XXX to Melbourne. Just got email that my spark is in local distribution finally.

  • Hi All,

    Ordered on April 2nd. Just got my confirmation that last chance Spark has been shipped.
    Good luck and I hope you all get a similar message.

  • Ordered 5th May for Perth WA, and status went from "being prepared" to shipped this morning.

  • @reedym Yes I got the same today. My order was "being prepared" since 26/02 and I received an email out of the blue from AU Post this morning saying they received the parcel info from WingSing (might be the logistics company). A few hours later the email came from PG saying my order status changed to "shipped".
    Looks like a container reached Australia recently.
    Hopefully AU Post will get it quickly.

  • @ericmail75 yep, I got exactly the same thing as you described. I reckon AusPost got the manifest from WingSing which is why a few people would have had their status changed at the same time. At least the amps are in the country but may still be on the container. Not sure how long it will take to get AusPost though.

  • @reedym looks like AU Post have mine and it’s on its way, I might get it delivered on Monday. I hope you will receive yours shortly as well.

  • @ericmail75 yep, i got an update that it has been processed in Sydney but mine will need to travel to Perth, so not expected until 20th July. Hope it gets through the locked down border for WA. Good luck with yours.

  • Got mine delivered in Sydney this morning. First impressions are that it's a great little amp. Only had time to play around with a few of the features so far but it sounds fantastic.

  • Wow, I really do hope mine gets here Soon!

    I ordered 28th March 167###, been in "Prepared" stages since they started the online tracking feature.

    I'm Australia too - Adelaide

    I'm really trying to not get my hopes up... kind of hard to do though.

  • Just to give people an idea on a possible time frame. I am based in Melbourne, VIC.

    I ordered my spark on 28/05/20 #220642 with a expected delivery date of "Jun-Jul".

    I received an update email on 07/07/20 stating that "the status of order #220642 is now Shipped"

    And it has now arrived on my doorstep (15/07/20). So all in all, it took 1 and 1/2 months from order to received for me. Judging by what I've read in these forums and review videos, I may be lucky with the timeframes.

  • @ringusz Yes you are definitely lucky... 28 March order and in Adelaide and still crickets....I had actually been defending this company for the first few months post ordering, saying the COVID thing hasn't helped, and how I'd rather wait for a quality product then have PG rush to for-fill orders and cut quality control... But now, It's pretty frustrating, seeing people receive their orders before you who ordered well after you, been a long time user of Bias FX, I'll be moving over to Neural DSP or IK Amplitube as it's hard not to despise this company at this point regardless of products produced.

  • @n3g4tiv_1 Ordered mine on 1 May and received it Monday 13 July, so not too bad considering others wait times.

  • Hi all,

    I'm in Adelaide SOuth Australia, I ordered my Last Chance Special back in mid February 2020 and Just recieved it this week.

    I must say I am not disappointed at all, it does what they said it would and am just stoked :)

    I might even gig with it its that good... JK... for a practise amp its hands down above what I did have, and as more mods for the tone cloud hit ti the better it will be. Even if they went bust I could still modify the amp enought to be worth the $224 Australian Dollars it cost me :)

  • @joryandrew said in Last Chance Special - Australia orders:

    the $224 Australian Dollars it cost me :)

    And how did u manage to get one at
    US$ 156?
    that's what I'd like to hear... and I'm sure a whole lot of other Aussie shredders would too... πŸ˜‚

    They are currently AU$ 321 or US$ 224 and have been that for months, at last chance and players special prices...

    I just sold mine, by the way...

    and Heck! at that price, I'll order another 2 today... without hesitation...πŸ€” 🀣

    so Tell me please...