Player's Special in Local Distribution

  • After five and a half months in Limbo and 7 week In Transit, my Spark has finally entered the Local Distribution phase. yea, whoopy, etc. Ordered on Jan twenty something, #1313##. And maybe, the fog will clear this 1st day of July in California.

  • @eldredjames Prepare for another 7 weeks in "local distribution" and about the time you cancel you email customer support and it magically moves over to "tracking number prepared" where it sits for 5 weeks... and then... etc. Carrots, carrots, carrots. I will probably never eat another carrot... :)

  • @eldredjames Yea, mine too, which as we've seen means absolutely diddly squat.

  • Interestingly I got a FedEx account and I now have a tracking number. I have an estimated delivery date of July 7. I don’t understand this logistics business. PG said my order would not ship for 2 or 3 weeks and did not tell me about a tracking number. I don’t for a minute believe the amp will show up next week. Any logistics guys out there who can explain how this works? Curious more than anything.

  • @mandmshrader Please let us know if the promised delivery date of July 7 (or even the 8th or 9th) comes true.

  • Here's what PG says in the Local Distribution phase
    Local Distribution
    Your order is preparing to ship to you. Please check back soon for your tracking number. Please note that due to COVID-19 it may take 2 weeks or longer for your Spark to move through customs and the shipping process at your local distribution center.

  • @dhbailey Finally! seems legit that boxes are moving.

    My FedEx just updated to "picked up Arcadia CA" but, yes, the delivery date moved to 7/9 (from 7/7 when they first had the packing slip/tracking #). FWIW PS ordered January #219xxx

  • @andy-0 Thanks for the info.
    See, here is something that does not make sense to me. You ordered on January and your order is 219xxx.
    I ordered in May, and my order is 215xxx....
    Are your numbers correct? I am hoping for a typo, where you meant to write 210xxx.
    I already know that order number does not correlate to how fast you are going to receive the amp, but to not be able to tell a relative date of order, meaning lower numbers were ordered before higher numbers, is just crazy for customers trying to figure this out.
    Thanks for any info...

  • @jdonato my order was May 14th and my order is 210xxx -- I bet Andy O's number is really 119xxx. All the listings of order numbers both here and on the facebook group seem to be consistent with order number relating to order date.

  • @jdonato oops! 129xxx 🙃

  • @andy-0
    Haha. No worries.

  • @dhbailey
    Yeah, I thought and believed to be so, that's why Andy O's number puzzled me. But that's already been cleared by him.
    By the way, my order (May 20) changed July 1st to "In Transit". Hope yours is also moving thru the system...

  • @andy-0 Via Fedex I saw that I had a July 6 delivery. it is July 6 and nothing has moved. There is a view in Fedex that actually appears to have an open label implying mine could be delivered as late as December 27th. I ordered mine February 8th and my order number is 139XXX. I really hope I do not have to wait until December, but it looks like Positive Grid is "buying" shipping labels that are valid for up to 6 months. Fedex sits on them until Positive Grid actually hands over the product to be shipped. please, report back if you actually get your delivery by July 9th.

  • @steve-mcdonald

    My order number is 139xxx also. I was told by PG customer service that I should receive my amp in mid July but I’m thinking more likely the end of July. Just a hunch on my part though.

  • Hi friends, keep in mind some who ordered had their Sparks show up on their doorstep without any notice or tracking details. Certain international "regions" have received shipments before other places where people ordered earlier. My first priority is the product working as described. Positive Grid can do a lot to help their reputation with quality control. They've demonstrated a weakness at customer service and public relations. Let's hope they nail the technology.

  • Ordered Feb 3, still no amp, no tracking, no meaningful update. It's exceedingly clear that the only thing that's getting played is us, the consumer. Nice work Positive Greed!!

  • @jdonato I ordered mine on March 31, 2020 with a 16XXXX number. Mine is in Local Distribution.

  • @steve-mcdonald Augh! (So close...) I’ve been tracking it thru my FedEx account - it was out on the truck for delivery today - and I get an “alert” that an attempted delivery failed and they will try again tomorrow.

    Of course, I’m right here waiting on it, and no door sticker either, so the driver must have given up on the route for today. I called to report it and got a polite “so sorry, see ya tomorrow” from FedEx customer service.

    Honestly, Not the first time during lockdown that FedEx, USPS, Amazon have done this. It must be crazy for them in a big city and the sheer workload simply has them overwhelmed.

    But, yeah... it was always on the move and if you sign-up for FedEx account with the same email used with PG purchase you can watch it every step of the way. FWIW, My PG tracking order lookup is not current/correct.

  • @andy-0 also it was a helluva hot day here in Chicago 90+

  • In Chicago as well. Ordered Jan 23. PG tracking still says "Local Distribution" and a FedEx label was created on July 1 but the package hasn't been handed over to FedEx yet.