I've forgotten what Spark is supposed to be

  • Honestly, I've forgotten why I ordered one when I did. Maybe it was an impulse buy – I just don't know.

    Can anyone who's been using a Spark for a while explain the difference between it and other practice amps in the same market segment?

  • @fsb From everything I've seen about the other practice amps in the same market segment, the Spark amp when combined with the Spark Amp App on iOS or Android devices gives much more in terms of playing around with the tone. I just looked into the comparable Vox amp and downloaded the Vox app and there is very little adjustability. Spark has many more effects pedals to enable and/or edit in each of the categories. Most practice amps these days allow backing tracks to be played from a device either by direct connection or by bluetooth, but none have the "smart jam" feature enabled as nicely as Spark does. I don't mind waiting because the Spark Amp truly seems to be the most versatile in this price range.

  • It can listen to your guitar playing and generate a backing track to suit it. And it can analyse existing music so you can play along with it easier (it provided chord info and the like).

  • Ah yes, thanks.

    I wonder what the robot accompanist will make of this two-octave decatonic scale C3 D E G A B D4 F G A C5 (asc).

  • @fsb A lot will depend on the rhythm you put with it. It may just give a simple Cmaj7 chord to go with it or it might try to place a different chord with whatever notes happen to land on the downbeats. In any event it'll be fun to give it a try and see what happens, once my amp arrives.

  • it's an excellent bluetooth speaker,
    it's an excellent desktop amp,
    never used the usb recording,
    but I presume it's good enough, if it's like the amp,
    the app? useless, except to jam along to utube/Spotify with, but don't expect the chords to be accurate, just focus on the root notes and work out the rest.
    The smart jam is very basic, if you've ever tried a digitech trio, then you'll definitely be disappointed, and not that's the Trio is the best unit either.
    The looper is not working , and you can only key transpose your smart jam not any other music.
    You can use the app features(except the amp modelling) without buying the amp itself.
    Judging by what good powerful Bluetooth speakers cost nowdays,not the toys, the spark is still a good deal.
    Whether PG will support this product longer than 2 years, that has to be seen.
    Most companies need to expand or improve on the previous product to stay competitive,
    So whether PG updates all this products misgivings with firmware, or will release a Spark 2 down the line, has to be eagerly anticipated.
    By the way I sold mine, I've no immediate need for it, was just an impulse buy in November last year, whether the 7 mth wait spoilt my expectations or whatever, but the app wasn't available when I placed my order.
    To me the Boss Katana Air, would've been a better buy, you get the Bluetooth, it's own app to modify models, it's wireless, it's battery operated as well, and if you wanted to use the spark app with it, I'm sure you can, I've put a few friends onto the app to use with their yamaha/blackstar desktop amps,and none have bothered to get a spark as yet