Question about buying used hardware, BIAS HEAD

  • I have read about the previous owner being able to unregister the unit and the software licenses that are locked to the hardware serial number. What happens if I purchase a used unit off of Reverb or similar and the current owner cant be contacted or does not want to unregister the product? I already own the Elite package of the software so I don't really care about getting the software but if I cant register the hardware will it work with my software?

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    @brasandkets Send us a request at, we will follow this up.

  • I get that there is a request process, but my question is, what happens if the seller doesn't respond, doesn't approve, or just doesn't want to lose his bias amp license?

  • @brasandkets If someone sells you used bias head/rack/mini and does not unregister it before shipping, when you connect it to Bias Amp and try to register, it will show the email address of both the seller and you. You can take a screenshot of that, start the request with Positive Grid, explain the purchase and that you need the seller unregistered so you can register, include the screenshot and submit the request. PG will unregister the seller and you are good to go. I just did this the other day on Rack. In my case, I also had a copy of an email the seller sent to PG letting them know he sold it and that I would be contacting them about registering, and I included a screenshot of that email.
    Either way, if someone sells it to you and you can show the purchase records along with that screenshot of the sellers email, PG will know to unregister the seller from that device. Since you have the unit in your possession and proof of sale, there isn’t any seller “approval” that would get in the way of PG taking care of this.

  • @bschultz8 -> Hi, I have a similar issue with buying a used Bias head. The prior owner has been unresponsive to the e-mail I sent him. I have entered a request with PG and sent an e-mail showing proof of purchase. Is there a special attn that needs to be provided to help with this process?

  • If you did what I mentioned above (take screenshot of your attempt to register which will show the original owners email address) and do the ‘contact support’ (link at top of this page) and describe the issue and attach the screenshot if the registration attempt and attach your proof of purchase, then PG should respond pretty quick. I remember getting an email acknowledging my support request right away and a response from a PG person within 24 hours and that they removed the prior owner which then allowed me to go in and register correctly.

    So hopefully you did the above and bot at least the acknowledgment of your request submission. If you have that, you may try responding to that to get some movement. The main thing PG needs to know is the prior owners account email for them to remove from that hardware so you can then register.

  • @bschultz8 Thank you for this response! I'm in the same boat as OP. Bought a Bias Mini from reverb and it is still registered to the previous owner, who doesn't respond to my e-mails.