Spark amp and acoustic... vs trio and acoustic... opinions...

  • I have an acoustic guitar. Not sure about the Spark amp. But I am intrigued.

    I also have a Trio band creator pedal. But I usually end up not using it a lot. It is Too much hassle to hook it up to my acoustic amp. I can do it. But I just find myself not doing it.

    But I wonder if the Spark Amp would get me to use it. The auto jam seems to be almost the same as Trio. And the auto chord analysis stuff seems a bonus.

    I think though that they need to make it battery powered. So I can carry it out on my back deck when I go out to practice. I have power out there... but again... the lazy factor pops up.

    Anybody have an acoustic and use the spark amp? Anyone with a Trio that has experiences?

    I also have a nice electric... and a nice amp and can for that. But sometimes I don’t know what effects to dial in on the electric amp. I wonder if the Spark Amp features might help and be a kind of “tutor” to help me there also.

    Anyway just rambling in the off topic lounge....