No Progress

  • #146232 USA East Coast - Nothing yet still "in Process" what bothers me the most is watching the pop-ups announcing new sales orders as they come in. If they can't deliver orders they took in February, it would show me something if they suspended taking new orders until they can get their production ironed out with customer deliveries in a reasonable amount of time. Will never happen, but their business model is broken in my estimation and they should focus on rectifying it before just continuing business as usual (or unusual in this case).

  • Customer service is definitely not in their wheelhouse. But I've run across this before with these DIY "Go Fund Me" companies ,like Tonewood Amps & Thalia capos. Took forever to get their products to the market. Especially when dealing with Chinese logistics, then sprinkle in the "Plandemic", no telling how long it will take to receive our Spark Amps. As someone who has dealt with Chinese manufacturing first hand, this is business as usual. I've just been trying to get a hold of them to upgrade my order to included the amp bag & only get a computer generated reply to track my order. Though they have a slick looking website, it's not easy to navigate, IMO. Why didn't they put their "Last Chance" packages at the top of the page instead of the very bottom??? I would have gladly picked the option with the bag had I known it was an option. But no, they put the bare bones package at the top & the other choices at the bottom. I'm already considering just ordering the bag package & selling the first order when it arrives, if they done get back to me in a day or two. In our favor, they seem to be a well regarded sound-ware developer, so I do believe we'll get them sooner or later. As they say, patience is virtue. Cheers