Does the tuner button ever stop flashing?

  • mine only stops.whem I'm using the tuner. Otherwise, I can't select any if the 4 presets without the tuner button flashing.
    Also, to save a preset it the buttons say to hold down, but that doesn't work

  • @fmarco2 that flashing is your delay speed.... it's a tap delay.

  • @junkit Thank you for pointing that out! My amp probably won't arrive until September or October, but I am learning so much about it just by reading these questions and answers, as well as reading postings on the Spark Amp Facebook page. This is a wonderful resource!

  • To save a preset, you have to have it activated from within the app, then press one of the four regular pre-set buttons for a few seconds. The app will have a "Downloading" popup and after that it's finished.