iPad Air - Spark App 'Failed to Connect' to Spark AMP

  • I had no problem connecting the iPad Air Spark App to the Spark AMP before I did a firmware upgrade on the Spark AMP to
    iPad Air - Software 12.4.6
    Spark App version
    iPad Air can connect with Spark AMP via Bluetooth to play music through Spark AMP "Spark 40 audio"
    When I try to connect the Spark App it fails with the message "Failed To Connect" every time.
    I then tried my Android phone which is an LG Q60 with Android version 9 and Android Spark App version This connects via the Spark App no problem.
    This has happened since I upgraded my Spark AMP firmware to
    I have raised a ticket a couple of days ago but no reply yet. Has anyone any ideas what I can do to get the iPad Air Spark App to connect to the Spark AMP? Can we 'roll back' the firmware in case that is the problem?

  • @peter-1 When you turn on the Spark Amp, is your Android phone also turned on? Perhaps if you had your Android phone forget the Spark Amp in the bluetooth settings it would be able to connect to your iPad Air?

  • @dhbailey Thanks. I did that and also turned off Bluetooth on my android phone just to be sure! But still the same problem.

  • I have the exact same problem. After both Bluetooth devices are connected , the app always fails to connect to hardware. The only way to fix it is to forget the Spark 40 Audio device and go through the whole pairing process again. Really frustrating as I just got the amp today and otherwise it’s awesome

  • @peter-1 I have an iPad 6th gen. It will work consistently with either, but not both. Soon as the Spark 40 audio connects, the Spark Amp drops out.
    Also, I am annoyed that the Spark Amp will not "auto-connect" to my iPad. My Fender Mustang GT40 auto connects when I double click on the App, the Spark must be manually connected.

  • Hi, I think it‚s probably Apple‘s fault. I have experienced bluetooth problems for years –not only with the spark amp. My MacBook pro disconnects as soon as the batteries of my mouse is not completely full any more. I have problems with iPhone and iPads, connecting with Bose Amp, AKG headphones, whatever. Apple’s bluetooth connection technology is probably the weak point.