Bias Platform Interoperability/Integration?

  • "With a similar design philosophy across our entire ecosystem, BIAS AMP 2 Mobile seamlessly integrates with BIAS FX Mobile and our BIAS family of desktop software." — []

    Based on this statement PostiveGrid's website, I expect that the apps work with each other. Customer Support told me that they are all completely separate apps, with completely separate ToneClouds, etc. However the website and the apps suggest otherwise. I bet y'all know.

    How do the different apps integrate/interoperate? What is the workflow for using desktop with mobile versions of the apps?

    • Use Case 1. I would like to setup an amp in Bias Amp 2 Desktop. Use it in Bias FX 2 Desktop to create a rig. When I go out to practice/gig, I want to share that rig with my iPhone so I can leave the laptop behind.

    • Use Case 2. I’m rehearsing and running Bias FX 2 Mobile and make a change to a pedal or the amp or something in the rig on my iPhone. How do I sync that change with Bias FX 2 Desktop?

    The next confusing area is licenses:
    If I have a license for Amp “X” on Bias AMP 2 Desktop, I don’t have access to it on any other platform correct? Same with iPad vs iPhone. But the same is NOT true for Bias FX 2 Mobile. If I buy a license on iPad, it works on iPhone too but not Desktop. Correct?

  • Hi, I m also looking for having tones synched between desktop and mobile.
    As for now the online way I found is saving them in tonecloud. The limit is that all changes on the go are not synced and that I have to manually arrange banks and presets.

    A native syncing would be great.