Spark App on Windows PC

  • Has anyone figured out how to run the Spark App on a Windows PC?

  • If you mean the Android app, then install BlueStacks - it enables you to run Android apps on a pc.

  • @redhouse_01
    Thanks! BTW, I heard from Positive Grid confirming that they do not have a Windows ap, but will "try to make it possible in the near future". Having suspected this, based on the dearth of info on the web, I happened to look for Windows android emulators and came across the one you mentioned (BlueStacks). By any chance, have you or anyone else out there tried running the Spark android ap on a PC using BlueStacks?

    I'm still waiting for my Spark, but have been playing with the ap on my android phone, which is really too small for "following the bouncing ball" (sorry for the antiquated reference). One thing I did try that helped was casting my screen to a Chromecast device on my TV using one of the pull-down phone widgets. Unfortunately, the Android ap won't go into landscape mode, so you waste a lot of real estate on the big screen. Still, it's a lot easier to read than my phone. I assume there is an equivalent way to cast with an Apple device, so this may be helpful to those folks as well. Bear in mind, I haven't tried this while connected to the amp yet.

    Thanks again.

  • I have the app running smoothly, in "BlueStacks", on a "Win 7" laptop and two "Win 10" desktops. No problems ... yet.

  • @redhouse_01 Just want to verify that the app and the Bluetooth connection to the amp are both working in Bluestacks? It's been years since I used it and I though there were issues with Bluetooth connections.


  • I can't give you an answer on that. I should probably have stated earlier that I haven't received the amp yet so I'm just playing around with the app at present; getting accustomed to it, prior to using it, and,so far, all the "jam" functions available to me are working.
    I don't think that android emus support bluetooth but having said that, all the functions I would require are available through the pc "as is", so I didn't consider the bluetooth question until now. Sorry.

  • @redhouse_01 No worries. I went ahead and install Bluestacks but it definitely doesn't support Bluetooth connections. Their website say the may in future releases.

    I'm going to try Bliss OS as Live CD/USB to see if that'll work. I don't mind using my phone but it would be cool to have it on a laptop plus it gives me something to play with during meetings...

  • @fatoldowl I have "BlueStacks" on my pc's to play android games and just tried the spark app to see if it would work, but I'm thinking I might try puting "Bliss" on one of my spare hdd's and see what the outcome might be. Save buying a "chromebook", if nothing else :)

  • @fatoldowl FYI in case it's of use to you - I'm running "Bliss" from a usb and it's paired up with my bluetooth speakers with no problem. I've also been able to download and install the spark app, so I think the rest of my evening will be used up in swaping out hdd's and installing "Bliss" on the laptop.
    So "Bliss" would appear to be the way forward for getting the app to run on a laptop.

  • Any solution to run Spark App on PC? I've tried with bluestacks but effectively it doesn't support bluethoth...