BIAS FX 2 & PreSonus 24c - No amp sounds

  • I just purchased BiasFX2 and am trying to get it to work with my Audio Interface (PreSonus24c).

    I get a high pitched squeal when i select 'Studio USB ASIO driver' in the Output Device selection. The only other Output Device i can select that produces sound is the 'ASIO4ALL v2' - this one does not produce the squeal, but neither produce any amp sounds. I am getting signal from my audio interface - i can hear my guitar's raw input signal, just not getting any bias fx sounds/coloring. Any ideas?

    I've attached an image of my audio settings here:
    alt text

    I am using Windows 10

  • Install Universal Control from Presounus. Make sure loopback is off, that should get rid of high pitched squeal.

    If using Headphones:
    In Microsoft Windows, right click the speaker icon in the bottom right corner. Select Open sound setting. Set Output to Main Out 1/2 (3- Studio 24c)

  • that was it! thank you