Celestion and MIDI on FX2 Mobile. Another broken promise?

  • @igman01 same for me....i am pissed at what they have done...and their software had such potential...i also use a midi fx board and am so ticked after paying for all the bias fx licenses and bias fx2 wants more cash for things that dont even work...dont know what to do about it all

  • October 19 and Nothing. No Celestion. FX2 says "Coming Soon",, Soon is when? Next century? Come on guys, this is just plain abusive.

  • I've been a little delayed in testing out MIDI in BIAS FX2, but I got around to it today. And - it worked fine.

    I'm using an iPad Pro into an XSonic Xtone Smart Stomp.

    Assigning a CC for a volume pedal was easy, and then having the Learn function pick up one button for the Delay and another button for the Reverb was also easy.

    Admittedly not a complicated configuration, but all is good.

  • November and nothing. I will remember next time you guys say "Coming Soon"

  • December as well...coming sooooooonn ahah

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