Celestion and MIDI on FX2 Mobile. Another broken promise?

  • @jwrioux Agree 100%

  • It is almost August, and no MIDI or Celestion. Remind me again, when was that FX2 mobile was launched? (Editing this comment because the system wont let me post another: MIDI is on today's update, but Celestion was left out again, maybe we have to wait another 3 months? or more?)

  • Actually, I just checked and seems that MIDI was included on today's update. But Celestion was again left out. Another 3 months? more?

  • OK, finally MIDI is OUT with the new release!!! :)

    but... problem (for me)... I'm used to work with an airturn 6 BT pedal board, piloting via BT the ipad through Midi Wrench app.
    Bias FX 2 does not even show app in MIDI wrench as one of the available Virtual Midi piloted apps... :(

    so, my doubt is : does Bias FX 2 Mobile implement Virtual MIDI port as BIAS FX 1 Mobile actually does?

    Does anybody use it via bluetooth/Virtual MIDI as well and experiences the same or differently?

  • @emils I, too, am seeing problems. BIAS FX 1 Mobile could sit in the background and accept program changes from my controlling app (in my case, BandHelper). Not BIAS FX 2--at least not obviously. (They did say 'full MIDI support', right?)

    I have a ticket out on it. We'll find out, I guess. But the notion that BIAS FX 2 Mobile would be unable to take MIDI program changes from another app... what's the point, finally?

  • I can't seem to get the BFX2 Mobile MIDI to work. I installed it with the update today. MIDI in BFX1 works fine as well as THU & GE Labs mobile but BFX2 is a no-go. Anyone else having problems with it?

  • Somehow I knew this was going to be a bumpy ride...

  • Yeah, Midi won‘t work at all. Still total BS from PositiveGrid.iRig Stomp IO won‘t work, Meloaudio won‘t work but both work totaly fine with Bias FX 1 Mobile.

  • This is how all the trust is lost.

  • Has anybody else tested MIDI on the latest FX2 Mobile?

  • PG just released a fix.
    It seems to be working even though manages differently program changes and control changes when sent altogether... got to find a different setup from bias fx 1 for this...
    In bfx1 when you are on a certain preset if you resend the same Program Change it does not reload the preset again. In this way you could also send CCs for effects toggle...but in bfx 2 it does reload the active preset instead invalidating the CC toggle effect coming along

  • @elgrantimo64 yes...... and i am not very happy with it

  • Seems that MIDI does not even work properly, and Celestion is still not implemented.

  • @elgrantimo64 To some extent I have. Seems to be taking program change commands from the controlling app just fine. Given that they reference the same chart as for BIAS FX 1 Mobile, I imagine one's patches have to be within the currect bank -- I can work with that.

  • Mid August, and still not Celestion. And for what Ive heard, the MIDI does not work so well either.

  • PG just released an update, supposedly to correct the MIDI problems people has been complaining so much about. But, nothing about Celestion. NOTHING. :-(
    Come on guys !!!, seriously ?

  • August 28, almost September and nothing.

  • September 10th, Nothing on Celestion. And Bias Pedal not integrated yet either.

  • Yes and a lot of bugs like pedal that stay on the signal line even if you turn off them. Sync that doesn’t works for some stereo effects (when you turn sync on the two setups stay different and you have to modify on of the two to sync...) ... an approximate product ... for your brand name it’s a « shame » and that’s why I’ve bought a THR 30 Yamaha (with one I am very satisfied) rather than the Spark (I don’t say if it’s better but for the sounds the THR is a wonderful product too... )

  • October 2020, and nothing. No a word from PG on the Celestion or on all the other problems. If they have a little bit of decency, they would refund OUR money. (Hey PG, I wrote OUR in uppercase, as I think you guys are retaining our money and have not earned yet)