Celestion and MIDI on FX2 Mobile. Another broken promise?

  • Im just glad I didnt put more money into PG. So glad I got a Kemper instead of a BIAS Head for my oldest soon !!. Im buying another for me next month, with a Kemper Cab.
    Also, I would never ever order a Spark !, no way, after seen how PG has treated the pre-orders. I got so tired of BIAS FX that I maxed out my Amplitube Mobile with the latest 2020 all inclusive Bundle, and I haven opened any PG apps since then, because they bring me bad memories.

  • @elgrantimo64 Well, I guess that since you're no longer using any PG apps and don't use a BIAS head or Spark, there's absolutely no need for you to come back to these forums.

  • @myxolydian Sorry I hurt your feelings. I happen to be the OP, so I can come anytime I want, even if it is only for my own amusement. What are YOU doing here?

  • This is kidding. This update today is jerking customers.
    Another fix of a prematurely released software not yet full featuring.
    Without midi this software is useless... no gigs equals useless Since I have to revert to bias fx 1.
    MIDI feature is essential. It is obvious.
    Really really disappointing...

  • @emils

    Couldn't agree more. I cannot gig with BIAS FX 2 Mobile, so I have had to revert back to BIAS FX 1 Mobile. Why did I buy BIAS FX 2, by the way?

  • @elgrantimo64 Of course you CAN come back here.
    I don't know about you, but I've tried a lot of music related apps and plugins over the years.
    I don't visit or post in the forums of any of the apps or plugins I don't use anymore.
    Crazy, right?

  • OK. So I was told that it'll be two more weeks for MIDI--because of QA concerns. End of July, now. But who's to say that deadline will be met. I've seen it in the comments sections of apps and products for many years, now, and heard it from the lips of dissatisfied customers for years before that. In the long run, it depends upon what you think of the customer. 'Treating them well' is not the same as 'they came back'. Wrong's wrong, despite what people have to suck up. And it's wrong--not to say MIDI will be implemented soon, but to say it will be by June's end, then mid July, then late July. Stop promising what you won't deliver.

  • Agree with the previous poster. Also, I wonder what all those 'famous' YouTubers that 'influenced' our purchases by showing us the wonders of FX 2 Mobile think about this? Where are they right now? Come on PG, you can throw a little honesty here. Like I said, you already got the money from us, now you must do your part.

  • I agree that by Positive Grid releasing their programs in half-disabled condition has not made me very confident in their products. BIAS FX2 mobile is meant to be used in a live situation with MIDI control. Granted many of us are not as active as we would be due to the Corona Virus situation but we can still use it for rehearsals and small outdoor shows. I know that we can use BFX1 for now but I wouldn't have spent the money for BFX2 until it was a complete release, but I guess that's why it was released when it was..... The fact that MIDI is still not implemented in BFX2 mobile is not great. Also the fact that the Celestion option (which has been paid for in BFX1) is not available yet either is discouraging, and no updates are forthcoming from PG. This is not good customer service, guys. You've now got THU Overloud and GE Labs breathing down your neck in the mobile category and both are already MIDI-capable and have great sounds, especially GE Labs.

  • I will say - quite disgusting.

    I really wanted to switch to ver. 2, as the amps are definitely better. But I need whole setup. Computer and mobile app. And I own damn everything from PG, and I am forced to use v.1 and cannot start using ver.2.
    The most annoying fact is, there is no answer from PG, because they just ignoring unknown users. Unfortunately my name is not Clapton or something like that. Shall I be Clapton, and say - guys, I want to use that, but need MIDI support and that nicely marketed Celestion pack, PG guys will probably sh..t their pants, but deliver working software within no time.

    So, PG guys - at least provide us with some damn official statement. No need to say "sorry", just provide valid information.

  • Maybe we can contact the YouTubers that were paid to make videos about FX2 before the release and ask them to issue a statement. At least we can contact them directly on their channels, and tell them their credibility will be affected the next time they get money from PG and promote half-baked products. We can always force the YouTubers to be honest as they rely on public opinion. Perhaps next time around they will think twice before being so confident on a product coming from PG.

  • @mike-miranda agree with you and THU is AUv3!!! So multiple instances are possible... But I don’t have 100€ to buy the complete for now... I could if I didn’t spend 50€ in BiasFX2... I‘m asking myself if PG didn’t knew about the imminent release of Overloud iOS and that it was a strategy to propose BiasFX2 in a kind of Beta to be not blown away by this competitor... but certainly I’m wrong...

  • @philippe-piquer That sounds like PG material.

  • It will come and they did not have to release a public beta in the first place but did it anyway to let you start using SOME of the features - they did NOT hide the fact that it is incomplete and anyone who paid for it and expects it to be done on demand is a foolish consumer too eager to wait till it is ready - if they had not released it you would use what? = BFX1 and have nothing to complaIn about except where is BFX2? which most already did as well - so why this is such an issue for people is a mystery and always will be - I think it says more about the few upset voices then it does about a company that obviously makes a product you all want or you would never have given it the time of day

    Do I wish it would hurry up? Do I think it should have been done sooner and complete? Do I think the whole spark campaign messed it up? a big YES on all - Do I care or is it the end of the world or does it really matter in the grand scheme of things? fuck no - cheers

  • @tafkad

    No problem with future features. Big problem with broken promises. Say ‘soon’ and be done with it.

    (It’s enough of an issue for you, too, to take the time to write, eh?) 🙂

  • @jwrioux read what you want into it as all people do and you have no idea why I would reply or not reply - "broken promises" what a concept. I will agree with this when they "actually use the word promise" instead of inserting this concept in there because of wanting something faster like the people who have only ever posted with this I can't wait mentality so this means you broke your promise to meeeeeee

  • @tafkad You sound like one of those 'Influencers' creating lots of hype and later washing their hands or hiding. How much are you getting for defending them here? because if you are not, even worst, at least you should be compensated for such stoic stance.

  • @elgrantimo64 and what is your big purpose posting nothing but negative remarks? anyone who looks at all of your posts can see what kind of forum troll you are and that you have about half the sense of a rock - on that it's time to add you to the block list so I don't have to suffer reading your selfish propaganda - good luck with your rant rampage I hope it serves you well - cheers

  • @tafkad Please dont block me !!, please, !! and please keep replying to my posts !! I can't live without you !, please ! And please keep checking my profile and all other posts I wrote !!, it makes me feel so important ! dont take that away from me ! LOL

  • @tafkad

    Yes, a promise. To receive a specific response from the company is to receive a promise. (Note the heading for this thread.) I'm not talking about "soon". That was your term. What do you call being told that "it will be ready by the end of June" or "it will be ready by mid-July"? That specificity was not from me. It was from the company. It's wrong not to keep your promises--if you can't keep them, then don't promise. Say 'soon' and, as I said, be done with it.