Celestion and MIDI on FX2 Mobile. Another broken promise?

  • What is happening with those two? weren't they supposed to be by 'late June'?
    Are we ever going to have them?
    Hey PG,, we paid already, you guys said 'soon'.
    'Soon' is when?, after all the Spark Amps pre-orders are shipped? (At the current rate that looks like around 2026)

  • Personally I’m going to stop with PG & competitors too because after having spent a lot lot lot of money with promises I coming back to a midway between sim and hardware. I‘be discovered a French Company that makes reals tubes preamps and a 4x10 Bassman cab sim that is pure pleasure to play. I use BiasFX2 or Bias Amp only to double this sound for specific needs. And for all the effects I prefer now AU extensions that are midi compatibles. I’m very disappointed with PG with their marketing approach that let me with a bad feeling to be only a money source and not a “Customer-partner”... and this feeling affect above all my feeling on the quality of their products.... bad thing for marketing and business... sincerely

  • Incredible ! Today it is a new update with WHAT??? A better store In app experience !!! PG you are just incredible ! And I would say BRAVO if Once again I couldn’t see that you focus on money making than in quality and satisfaction of your customers so « fidèles »... Dommage...

  • Yes, I saw today's update, but could not figure what was new. And still no MIDI and no Celestion.

  • Yes, also disappointed. I bought IOS-FX2 purely to replace the original IOS-FX which I have been using with a Midi Foot Controller Board. Even though their midi implementation is very "primitive" in the old FX (and even the latest FX2 OS version!!), I have managed to cope with it. YES PG - I bought both IOS-FX2 and OS-FX2 (Elite versions) !! And my old FX is also fully unlocked. So, imagine the amount of money I spent with you......surely we deserve better??

  • Hey guys. It’s only the 29th. If MIDI is not implemented as of tomorrow, then we can expect an explanation. I’ll wait and see.

  • @jwrioux The problem is that we are behind hundreds of frustrated people asking for explanations about their Spark Amp, my guess is that we will be ignored, since our money is in their hands already.

  • Time will tell.

  • Yup. You were right. I see no update including MIDI, and I have no answer to my query from Support.

  • @jwrioux It did. Today is July 1st, no MIDI and no Celestion on FX 2 Mobile.

  • @elgrantimo64 Support says: "MIDI will be implemented in mid-July." Right after my next gig.

  • @jwrioux ok, "MIDI in Mid-July",,,thats in two weeks. Lets see. And Lets see what will happen with Celestion. Like you said, Time will tell.

  • @elgrantimo64 Sounds like you've had dealings with them before...

  • @jwrioux No much, but I learned a lot from my friend on this forums that ordered Spark Amps and other PG software.

  • Yes, I am very disappointed too by now. No MIDI but I paid already for the elite license weeks ago. We are not money pockets but customers. PG Marketing behavior is very bad indeed.

  • Hehe, indeed. They have good programmers, but the people managing the business are... are. They are.

  • @elgrantimo64 so now time has come. Mid july is here. The midi not yet...

  • @emils Nobody is surprised.

  • Mid-July could be tomorrow, too. I’ll write the person who promised mid-July if it’s not in by tomorrow.

  • We are mid-July and there is an ... UPDATE... BUT.... nothing to do with Midi or Celestion... Thanks to that I have discovered again hardware with tube preamps and CAB simulators that I use with app for effects from competitors that are FULLY midi implemented! I found a great great sound and now I can take more time to play guitar than playing Bias FX... PG your marketing approach, more than try to addict me have again the opposite effect ( ...without any midi ...) it has made blossom in my mind that I have lost too many money and precious time in... promises... and that your products are finally not so good ... ( lot of hum if I try to push up gain, difficulty to manage high ends even with low pass, risky with time and mind consuming .. ...etc etc...) Marketing is really central in an company! So central ... but with responsibility that it can make it grow and glow and finally go (away from users ) ... sincerely